5 Signs You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

digital marketing team strategizing

The global business landscape has changed in remarkable ways with the advent of the Internet. There are more opportunities than ever, but the abundance of media, data and trends can present challenges. It can be impractical and/or costly to maintain an in-house team to respond to the ever-changing digital landscape. If your marketing efforts are lacking, it may be time to lean on outside experts.

Let’s look at a few warning signs that you need a digital agency.

You Don’t Have the Time

Running a business is a lot of work, and it’s easy to spread yourself too thin. In the same way you may hire an accountant to handle the books, handing the marketing reins to a digital agency can free up time for you to focus on the strategy and operation of your business. You do what you best, while they do what they do best.

You Don’t Have the Money

This may seem counterintuitive. But a small budget for marketing indicates that you’re not grasping its importance, or that you’re not generating enough profit. Working with a digital marketing agency can solve both of these problems. Not to mention, it will likely cost less than hiring someone in-house to manage your marketing campaigns.

You Don’t Have the Skills

SEO strategies, social media strategy, paid advertising, web development, content creation – it takes a long time to master these skills. And we’ve already discussed that you don’t have the time to do it yourself! A digital marketing agency gives you access to an experienced and qualified team who have likely worked on projects just like yours. They’ll use their resources and expertise to make sure you’re being seen by the right audience, in the right places, at the right times, using dynamic, relevant, innovative strategies.

You Don’t Know What’s Working – and What Isn’t

If you’re not prioritizing marketing, it’s unlikely you know how well it’s working. ROI (return on investment) is the name of the game in marketing – do you know yours? Digital agencies rely on data and analytics to ensure each of your marketing campaigns are effective. They’ll also be able to offer you detailed, tangible metrics how potential and existing customers are engaging with your brand.

Your Don’t Update Your Website

You’ve heard the old cliches about first impressions, and that definitely applies to your website. An appealing homepage makes the good impression you need, showing site visitors that you’re a reputable, established company. From your business standpoint, your website is a critical tool for generating and converting leads. Is your site easy to navigate? Do you lead potential customers down a path to convert them to actual customers?

If you’re not maintaining and updating your website, you’re missing many opportunities. A digital agency will have specialists dedicated to optimizing your website, which will also help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) An informative, responsive website that provides a good user experience means you’ll show up higher in Google’s search rankings. Higher rankings = more leads = more sales.

Pixaura Can Help

Marketing your business is integral to success, and there are numerous benefits to bringing in outside help. Look for an agency who can scale their work up or down based on your needs.

We think we’re the experts for you! Hiring an agency may seem like a big commitment – that’s why we strive to earn your business each month. Check out some of our clients, and drop us a line when you’re ready to get started.