6 Reasons Your Business Needs Instagram

Scrolling through Instagram feed

If I told you there was a platform with over a billion users, would you be interested? I’m really hoping you said yes. The Instagram platform trails only Facebook for number of users, presenting an enormous opportunity for your business. Let’s take a look at 6 reasons your business needs Instagram.

Instagram Users are Very Active

This social media network isn’t populated with individuals who sign up but then rarely log in. A recent study found that 38% of IG’s users check the app multiple times EACH DAY. User engagement is 10x higher than Facebook, in large part a result of the organic nature of Instagram. Generally, you don’t have to hunt for followers. If you post quality content, they will find you. And as more users follow you, you’ll be suggested to more users. Followers beget followers, basically. Unlike Facebook, Instagram users follow businesses all the time – 80% of users willingly connected to a brand in 2017.

The Demographics of Instagram

Almost half the U.S. population is on Instagram. Clearly, that is too large a market segment to ignore. Of these 120+ million users, 64% are between the ages of 18-34, with another 25% between the ages of 35-54. These age ranges comprise the active consumer segment of the U.S. economy. Be visible to them!

Selling on Instagram

While Instagram is notoriously a visual platform, there are opportunities for businesses to make money. 72% of Instagram users have purchased products through Instagram. This presents a huge opportunity for businesses of any size. Brands can tag items for sale in their posts, and link to their store. Also, there’s a well-developed ability to run advertisements in multiple formats and with advanced targeting options. In addition, the ad manager offers detailed tracking reports so you can effectively gauge your ROI.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Instagram gives businesses the opportunity to create a themed feed. Think of your Instagram page as a home page – it’s important for the pictures to fit together. The look of this overall feed outweighs the aesthetics of any one image. Regardless of your industry, there is something unique about your brand – showcase that! You could be a florist or a plumber, and there will still be a way to beautify what you do and communicate your message. Show off your personality or your culture. Highlight new products, your team, your events – the opportunities are endless.

Tag, You’re It

Hashtags are like keywords, and they serve to increase your brand’s visibility. They make you searchable and findable, get you noticed, earn you followers, and increase clicks to your site. Developing a branded hashtag is a big bonus; creating an actionable one is even better. Also, Instagram provides the option for location tagging, allowing users to post photos related to your place of business. That’s free advertising!

User Engagement

The Instagram platform helps you effectively engage with customers. In addition to providing visual content, Instagram makes it easy to respond to questions or comments. This humanizes your business, leading to trust and a better customer experience. Stories make your business relatable; behind-the-scenes shots, employee highlights, and live Q&A’s are a great way to connect with your followers.


Finally, stay cognizant of why users are there. People don’t go on Instagram to read or see advertisements. People go on IG to see pretty pictures, to connect, to engage. And in today’s marketplace, it’s important to give your customers an engaging experience across multiple platforms. Your business needs Instagram! If you need help developing your social media strategy, Pixaura can help.