9 Signs You Need to Hire Social Media Management Services

person working on laptop with social media icons

Take a guess at how many Instagram accounts there are all over the world.

The answer is that over 2 billion people log into Meta’s picture-sharing giant — that’s a massive chunk of the world, and it’s only one social media platform.

Social media began in earnest in 2004 with Facebook. Now it encapsulates Twitter, LinkedIn, and dozens of other social media websites. Without social media management services, it’s easy to fall behind.

There is no getting around it — social media needs to be a central part of your digital marketing. But it’s hard to see the benefit when your current strategy is ineffective.

These nine signs may indicate you need to hire social media management services.

1. If You Don’t Have Social Media Management Services

For years now, the term “Social Media Manager” has been appearing in job classifieds. For the uninitiated, it may seem like a joke position tantamount to an Instagram influencer. But this role is very real — and very important.

You can’t just post on social media and call it a day. There are optimal times to post for engagement and traction. Posts need to include hashtags and provide engagement with related pages and services.

For a reasonably sized business, this can be a full-time position. So if you’ve never hired social media management before, you absolutely should.

2. You Have No Social Media Presence

Many businesses cling to the old ways of having Google postings and websites. These are important components of your marketing strategies, but they’re not everything, and they’re not enough.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and expertise to build a social media presence from scratch. You need to learn the algorithms and amass a following. This can take considerable effort over the course of months.

3. You Are Lacking in Engagement

Engagement can be loosely defined as how much your posts are being noticed. More attention and more likes means the algorithm will then show your posts to more people.

If your numbers are low and you’re not sure why, there’s a good chance you need a shift in tactics. New marketing ideas from a competent marketing firm will boost your numbers to much better levels.

4. You Struggle to Understand How Certain Platforms Work

Each social media platform has its own rules and culture. Take TikTok, for example. If you don’t understand how to duet and stitch videos, your videos will flounder before ever reaching the For You page.

A digital marketing ageny understands and specializes in these social media trends. They can make sure your business or product reaches as many eyeballs as possible on the most suitable platforms.

5. You Aren’t Getting Success from Ads

Targeted ads are a primary tool for customer conversions. The right ad campaign can bring in a new stream of revenue. The wrong ad campaign, however, just drains your budget.

Good ads combine proper placement, design, and platforming. A social media management service can help you get the right mix of those things.

6. You Don’t Have Enough Time to Manage Your Social Media

As we’ve mentioned, a social media manager can easily be a full-time position. Aside from creating posts, there are metrics to track and customer inquiries that need responses. Over an average day, this can easily consume a full eight hours.

If you are running your social media campaign yourself, you’re likely aware how much of a commitment it really is. Hire out the work to a specialist and use your time for what matters most.

7. You Can’t Handle All the Messages

Many customers today will inquire with you directly through social media rather than by email or phone. Delay too long in responding, and they may grow frustrated and pose the same question to your competitor. In fact, some social media platforms like Facebook will tell people how fast you respond.

Prompt online responses are as essential as any other type of customer service. A social media management team can tackle all of that and more.

8. You Are Launching a New Product or Service

Garnering attention for a new product works best with all-out promotion. We’re talking PPC ads, SEO-optimized articles, and fresh social media posts. This is a full plate of work — again something that will give a single person (or several) plenty to work on.

Getting a large initial interest to maximize sales starts with your digital marketing. As you prepare for the revealing of a new product line or service, social media management can make a real difference.

9. You’re Not Sure How to Handle Social Media Marketing Tools

There’s more to running a company Instagram account than a smartphone and some fast fingers. There are digital tools that provide deep insight into post metrics. Some of these tools cost money and require skill and experience to use them effectively.

There may also be additional things you didn’t consider in your budget. Cameras and professional editing software may be necessary to portray your company in the best light. Instead of purchasing these tools yourself, a social media management service likely already has access to the right tools.

Pixaura’s Social Media Management Service

Social media is a rabbit’s warren of confusing algorithms and engagement strategies. You need more than just cute Instagram posts – you need a sound strategy and an enthusiastic team. Our social media management services provide you with the right tools, boost engagement, and free up your schedule for more pressing tasks.

Pixaura is your solution for the management of social media, SEO, Google Ads, online reviews, and so much more. We’d love to chat about how we can improve your digital strategy. Contact us today and see your engagement soar!