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About Pixaura

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James’s Background

James’s inspiration for a digital marketing agency has been a lifetime in the making. From childhood, he has always built things. As he grew up in California, he rode skateboards, and later, played bagpipes in the high school band. Through it all, he’s been interested in technology – since the days of the Apple ][e.

In high school, he helped program the school grade system. Meanwhile, he learned how to repair the Apple ][ computers from his teacher.

Young Adulthood

Following high school, James joined the Army where he repaired missile guidance systems. After the Army, he went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. There, he obtained a degree in Art Education with a minor in philosophy, focusing on Artificial Intelligence.

James started building websites in 1996 and began SEO work in 2000. Since then, he added Google Ads services in 2004 and Social Media Management in 2008. Together, this developed his strong foundation in digital marketing. Ultimately this led to your design marketing agency – Pixaura!

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