Bard vs. ChatGPT


AI is one of the fastest-growing markets — projected to reach $407 billion by 2027! However, 75% of the population expresses concerns about AI accuracy.

To get the best use out of AI, you need to know which platform generates the most accurate and engaging content.

Read on to see a comparison between AI’s largest contenders: Bard vs. ChatGPT.

Current and Reliable Information

The biggest problem with AI is getting current and reliable answers from chatbots.

ChatGPT’s free version is limited in this regard because it’s not connected to the internet. The data is stored in the chatbot’s knowledge base and only contains information from 2021 and earlier.

Bard is connected to Google’s search engine and scans the internet for results. This allows it to provide up-to-date information from the most current data online.

Checking the reliability of chatbot responses is also important. Bard’s responses ensure better accuracy or at least help you confirm information by providing links and references to the data it presents in its content. To get this feature on ChatGPT, you need to upgrade to the paid version: ChatGPT-4.

Multiple Version Options

With AI for marketing automation, you need content that fits your brand, voice, and audience. Bard includes this feature automatically by producing three different versions of a response. You can also automatically adjust the response by length or tone, which is great for campaigns spread across various digital marketing mediums.

To get a different version of the response in ChaptGPT, you must regenerate the prompt again. To change the tone or length, you have to instruct the chatbot to make these changes.

Word Retention

Currently, AI for marketing is limited when you attempt to use previous conversations or prompts to generate a response. ChatGPT has a retention limit of 3,000 words and cannot access past conversations from a different session. However, it does store old responses that you can return to.

Google has stated that Bard purposely limits word retention for privacy reasons, but it does store old conversations that you can use when starting a new chat.

Word retention and access to stored conversions on both chatbots help when you need to revise marketing content. You can return to old projects to make minor adjustments or alterations.

Upgrades and Accessibility

If you are wondering whether you should use ChatGPT or Bard at all, you first need to consider if you want to pay for it. Both chatbots have free versions, but the free ChaptGPT has limited features. The paid upgrade does allow you to get responses faster when demand is high.

Bard only has a free version, but it is available only in select countries and is expanding slowly. You’ll get all of the AI benefits for free and it has the ability to integrate into other Google apps like Workplace and Gmail.

Your Decision: Bard vs. ChatGPT

Like everything else, there are pros and cons to both Bard and ChatGPT. However, Bard does make creating marketing content more convenient. You can compare versions, check accuracy, and get current data to display for your customers.

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