Should I Boost a Facebook Post or Run an Ad?

Lion asking Facebook ads vs Boosted Posts

You absolutely must have a Facebook page for your business or brand in today’s digital world. But Facebook offers a world of opportunity beyond just sharing updates with your fans. Facebook advertising offers the ability to reach an incredible amount of people, and the ROI is terrific. But there are multiple ways to advertise – you can “boost a Facebook post,” or run a traditional ad. Which is better?

Boosted Posts

Boosted posts are exactly what they sound like. Facebook takes your regular post, and increases its reach to a wider audience. Like ads, this will cost you money, but boosting a post offer one main benefit ads do not: you already know your audience likes it!

Most brands choose to boost a Facebook post that has performed well. Imagine your typical post receives 50 “likes” and comments. But your latest update received 200, and some of your users “shared” the post on their own page. This high-performing post is a prime target for a boost!


We’ve discussed the value of Facebook advertising a few times. It’s a virtual treasure trove for businesses today. But how does it compare to boosted posts?

Behind the scenes is where you’ll see the biggest difference. Facebook’s provides incredibly detailed analytics for your ads. You can also hone in on your target audience better with an advertisement than with a boosted post.

Facebook ads also offer more and richer formats – you can run carousel ads, or target highly specific goals. Are you looking for leads? Do you want users to make a purchase or visit your site? Facebook ads include a “call-to-action” button, something you won’t find with boosted posts.

Your Strategy

We need information about you before we can answer what’s best for your business. As always, your strategy depends on your goals! Are you after brand awareness? A boosted post might be the answer. Or maybe you are looking for customers and conversions – you’ll be better off leveraging custom audiences with an ad.

At Pixaura, we believe a combination of both ads and boosted posts is ideal for most brands. Your goals drive your strategy, and you’ll find ads may be best for some campaigns, and boosted posts for others. If you’re new to the world of Facebook advertising, Pixaura can help – we’ve been in the game for a while now. We’ll align your social media strategy with your total budget, leveraging Facebook’s targeting options and reaching more people – all to boost your bottom line.