A Definitive Guide to Building Brand Authority

Coca Cola signage above office building

Did you know Coca-Cola spends a whopping $4 billion each year for branding? As a result, its brand has an estimated value of $80 billion. It enjoys a market share of 44%, and not even its closest rival comes near. There’s no doubting the brand authority of Coca-Cola. That’s the level any company would hope to accomplish.

What is brand authority, and why is it important? Simply put, it’s the trust of the consumers. The higher it is, the more the audience sees the company as an expert in the industry.

How do you use it to your advantage? Keep reading to learn tips for building brand authority.

Create Authoritative Content

Publishing content for the sake of SEO is one thing. Writing for the audience is another.

You have to know your customers before establishing yourself as an authority. What questions do they have? How can you help their buying journey?

If you want to make authoritative content, you must speak to the audience. Identify the pain points, answer their questions, and make something that adds value to their experience. It can be informative, exciting, or even inspiring.

Share valuable information, and do it regularly. Your site should have consistent updates to keep your audience coming back for more.

Let Your In-House Experts Speak

It’s not easy to establish authority as a company. You might want to put a face on your words.

Apple is an example of a company building brand authority with a singular person – Steve Jobs. You wouldn’t question the command of both. Still, it might not work for smaller and newer companies.

People can relate more to an actual person rather than a company. As such, it can be more effective to brand your team as in-house experts.

Let them talk about their expertise, share their credentials, and let people know about their achievements. Over time, your audience can recognize them as experts in their field.

Conduct and Publish Research

One way to boost your brand authority strategy is to publish original information. Conduct relevant research and publish the data you find. 

The data from your surveys, studies, and reports provide value to your readers. Your audience knows they can’t find this information elsewhere.

By doing this strategy, you become an authority in your industry. Marketers and brands cite other sources to back their arguments. The media can publish your work, too. 

Take Advantage of Social Proof

It’s not enough for your audience to think you’re decent at what you do. These people must be aware of how other people feel the same way.

According to Robert Cialdini’s social proof theory, people perceive an action as correct if they see others doing it. If they’re unsure of what to do, they’ll look to others for guidance. 

How do you take advantage of that theory? You display testimonials and reviews from your other clients. When others view you as an authority, more people are likely to follow.

Display Your Awards

Have you won an award? These would help you incorporate social proof in your marketing.

It’s easier to raise your brand authority when another authoritative organization has already recognized you. Make sure to display any seal, badge, official recognition, and awards you’ve earned on your website.

Each time you win an award, write a blog post or two. Upload it on social media, as well.

Be Active on Social Media

Brand authority not only depends on your expertise and importance. It also has to do with your presence.

Set up profiles on social media and keep them updated. Share professional insight, valuable information, and other happenings. When you maintain an active presence, your audience will perceive you to be more authoritative.

Social media is also one of the best ways to connect with your audience. The more you engage with them, the more they’ll trust you.

Of course, you have to specialize in the right platform for your key demographic. Instagram and Facebook are your top choices for reaching millennials. You’ll find Gen Z in TikTok while most Gen Xers are on Facebook.

Do you want an easier time promoting your brand on these platforms? Consider investing in influencer marketing. Get a proper brand ambassador to represent your brand.

Branch Out

Make your presence more known by branching out of your social media accounts and website. Contribute content to other authoritative sites and write guest posts.

You might want to guest for podcasts, as well. The key is to provide your expertise in other places where your audience is already looking.

Host Events

Another way to get your name out there is to host a conference or event. As long as the occasion is relevant and value-adding, it can be small.

Invite influencers and authoritative figures in the industry. This way, you establish your brand as a leader. 

You can also sponsor popular events related to your industry. You get your name out there, and you don’t have to do much. 

Associate with Authoritative Brands

Look up the authoritative brands in your industry. How can you associate yourself with them?

You can collaborate, become a guest, or do other activities. You can work together to solve the same problem or answer the same question. That way, you get exposure to their audience and vice versa. 

How does this align with the importance of building brand authority? Well, their audience may trust you, too, after you collaborate with the brand they already trust.

Learn More About Building Brand Authority

Building brand authority doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a painstakingly slow process requiring several strategies and follow-ups to get right. If you succeed, the result is to become a leading expert in your industry.

There’s no end to learning how to build brand authority. Contact us today to see how we can help.