Can Personalized Marketing Go Too Far?

personalized marketing concept, holographic icons with one circled and being pointed to

Statistics show that 90% of leading marketers have found success with personalized marketing. It has the potential to significantly increase your earnings.

Personalized marketing leverages consumer data to appeal to specific consumers, allowing businesses to market to the needs of their potential customers.

But if you use information about your customers that they don’t realize you have, or without getting a clear picture of their wants and needs, the odds are good your efforts could backfire and alienate them.

The problem is personalized marketing could quickly become a bit…. well, creepy.

What Is Creepy Marketing?

The term creepy marketing is used when personalized marketing goes too far, or the marketing plan goes beyond personalization and becomes invasive.

This can happen if private data is being used to market to customers. This can come across as very creepy since the customer may not have realized that their data was collected.

When Does Marketing Become Creepy?

A personalized marketing strategy is a great option for many businesses. It can help you appeal to specific customers and understand them better.

But you have to be careful when you are collecting personal data. You do not want to become too specific with your marketing as this can be alarming to customers.

For instance, if you own a streaming business, you have A LOT of that person‘s data. And although there are benefits for you in knowing what they have been streaming, it’s important to use that data sparingly and in their best interest.

How to Avoid Creepy Marketing

Don’t get us wrong – you *should* use personalized marketing. You just need to make sure you use it in a smart way and don’t cross the line.

Only use data that applies to your business. If you see that a customer likes a certain product, you can use that in your marketing strategy.

Don’t personalize marketing to include your customers’ personal lives. This is where it becomes creepy and drives away potential customers.

Avoid Going Too Far

There are many types of marketing that businesses should take advantage of. One of those marketing plans is personalized marketing for each of your customers.

This is when marketing is applied to each individual to encourage them to use your services. One example of this is recommending a product similar or complementary to one that they already bought.

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