Brown’s Run was a booming Country Club for Armco execs in Middletown, Ohio. When the steel company left town, Brown’s Run saw a consistent decline in members.


Brown’s Run changed its business model and became a semi-private club open to the public. Pixuara created the “Classic Country Club Experience Now Open to the Public” campaign along with others. Non-members historically knew Brown's Run was out of reach until we targeting golfers with "Open to the Public" ads. Pixaura is Brown’s Run AOR and is happy with our partnership to provide all digital marketing services.


People Reached via Social Media


Tee-Times Booked 2020


New 4 and 5 Star Reviews


Local SEO score increased 46% to 95%


Our strategy focused on building personas and speaking directly to the customers while keeping a clean and professional aesthetic.

Web Design

A clean and coherent design with a focus on the ‘country club experience’ came to life. The site is easy for Browns Run staff to maintain.

Social Media

Pixaura created 5 campaigns to stay on message and on brand. All content is created by Pixaura and approved by Brown’s Run.

Ad Targeting and Management

Pixaura created ads based on campaign strategies, target personas, and geographic targeting.

Online Reviews and Local SEO

Pixaura helped generate 100 new 4 and 5 star reviews, as well as increased Local SEO Score from 46% to 99%.

Review Management