Create brand awareness, excitement, and an e-commerce web presence for Annika Sorenstam's new ready to drink cocktail line Fizzy Beez.


Combining WordPress and Shopify into a unified brand presence, we created an exciting and highly functional website and e-commerce gateway. Using cutting edge svg animations to build motion graphics for both platforms we added new levels of interactivity and energy.

WordPress Build

Some features of this site include fully custom design and unique theme, product location finder, as well as lightweight and captivating animations.

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Shopify E-Commerce

We created this fully customized Shopify theme blending brand, look, and feel. This merchandise storefront can create QR codes, discount codes, and is fully integrated into Google Analytics for full marketing reporting.

Fully Responsive

Built to look and function perfectly on every device, our sites are built with responsive design and code that not only allow them to look great but also function on every modern device.