GRAID is a technology driven company focused on building hardware acceleration with high-performance and reliable SSD RAID cards. Their online presence didn't reflect the bleeding-edge nature of who they truly were and needed to represent themselves as.


Our redesigned website uses dramatic contrasts of black, white and their branded blue to build a future focused and sleek appearance. This in turn builds customer confidence and visually verifies them as leader in their field. Establishing brand uniformity across all marketing, ads, and social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube insures a professional impression.

WordPress Website

Fully custom designed and programmed website using svg animations, Animate on Scroll, and custom post types. The entire site can be toggled between expertly written language translations of Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese to provide accessibility to foreign markets.

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Fully Responsive

Built to look and function perfectly on every device, our sites are built with responsive design and code that not only allow them to look great but also function on every modern device.

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