We recently took on an exciting challenge. HOTW wanted to revamp their website, restructure their social media strategy, and enhance their email marketing campaigns to drive more traffic and increase engagement. Our team was responsible for a solution that aligned with the client's needs and met their business objectives — and we delivered.


Through careful analysis of our client's target audience, we helped HOTW optimize their email messaging and deliverables, resulting in a boost in open rates and click-through rates. We executed exciting contests, generating buzz and engagement on social media and beyond.

WordPress Build

Our team built and launched a brand new HOTW website. We took a collaborative approach, working closely with the client to understand their goals, preferences and audience. By leveraging the latest web development tools and techniques, we created a user-friendly, responsive, and visually appealing website that accurately reflects the client’s brand personality.

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Shopify E-commerce

We created this fully customized Shopify theme blending brand, look, and feel. This merchandise storefront can create QR codes, discount codes, and is fully integrated into Google Analytics for full marketing reporting.

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Digital Marketing

Following a digital strategy of Google Ads, Facebook advertising, Social Media Management and email campaigns, we drove users to the clients website and ultimately converted them into verified consumers.

Motion Graphics

Social media campaigns are proven to get more traffic with motion graphics. Our team can build assets that engage, excite, and entice.