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A Guide to SERP Features

1 February, 2023
Every day, there are more than 8.5 billion Google searches. If you aren't taking advantage of everything that Google search has to offer your business, you... read more

10 Key Benefits of Incorporating PR in Your SEO Strategy

17 January, 2023
It's no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) is one effective for increasing website traffic and boosting sales. Adding public relations (PR) to your SEO... read more

Use Topical Authority to Boost Your SEO Visibility

15 November, 2022
You’ve always heard that good SEO requires keyword optimization and a focus on creating high-value links. However, since Google introduced Hummingbird in 2013, these methods have... read more

Why SEM Is Key To a Winning Web Marketing Strategy

17 October, 2022
As the business sector embraces digitalization, marketing strategies have also transformed to align with it. Despite that, the marketplace remains competitive. Stepping up your web... read more

Why Does Branding Matter?

3 October, 2022
88% of consumers say that authenticity is important in a business. But how exactly do you communicate your bona fides and make customers feel valued when... read more

How to Optimize Your Email Newsletters

1 September, 2022
A recent survey found that 70 percent of businesses are increasing their marketing efforts through email newsletters. Professional newsletters allow you to incorporate valuable information about your... read more

Do Online Users have Device Preferences?

16 August, 2022
Research shows that a majority of Americans own an electronic device of some kind. While these devices are slowly becoming jacks of all trades, it's important to... read more

Using A/B Testing To Market Your Business

8 August, 2022
A/B Testing: What is it? A/B testing, a.k.a. "split testing," is a highly effective way to pick the best version of a website, app or... read more

Top 5 Things Every Marketing Story Needs

18 July, 2022
Capturing the imaginations of consumers gets more challenging daily. Studies show that people think 61% of the content they see is below standards. So you might wonder... read more

Features or Benefits?

5 July, 2022
When developing marketing campaigns, you might hear a lot about features vs benefits. One huge mistake people make in business marketing is blurring the lines... read more

The Importance of First-Party Data

20 June, 2022
In 2022, quality marketing is essential for the success of any business. There are a lot of ways you can promote your company, but the most effective... read more

What Marketing Spend Trends Reveal about Business Today

1 June, 2022
Businesses need marketing now more than ever --and statistics indicate they are aware of this. The annual marketing spend globally is growing at a compounded... read more

Omnichannel Marketing 101: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

18 April, 2022
It's been the case for years that retailers need to be online to survive, with online storefronts, social media research and marketing fundamental to doing business. Still,... read more

What Social Media Usage Reveals About Your Client Base

17 March, 2022
In 2020, an estimated 3.6 billion people used social media worldwide. With such a diverse pool of people to build a client base, social media marketing has... read more

What Is an Influencer? 5 Ways an Influencer Can Help Your Business

16 February, 2022
Digital advertising is expected to increase by 60% in the coming year. The past decade saw a significant rise in digital marketing as consumers switched to online... read more

A Definitive Guide to Building Brand Authority

18 January, 2022
Did you know Coca-Cola spends a whopping $4 billion each year for branding? As a result, its brand has an estimated value of $80 billion. It enjoys... read more

Online Payment Methods for Your Online Business

13 December, 2021
In a world where more transactions are being completed online, you need to provide options for your customers. Accepting multiple payment options helps online business... read more

The Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

16 November, 2021
It's no secret that digital marketing is an ever-evolving beast. It's become the main way companies communicate with consumers, and the main way people find... read more

Google Guarantee Certification: Why You Need It

17 October, 2021
Everyone knows that these days, Google is pretty much vital to becoming a successful business. 88% of people who searched for a local business on Google... read more

How to Reduce Abandoned Carts & Improve Checkout Process

4 October, 2021
It's easy to underestimate the value of the checkout process. One might think that once a would-be customer has selected what they want and put... read more

10 Important Google Analytics Metrics You Need to Track

13 September, 2021
When you're using SEO and paid advertisement to increase traffic and drive conversions, it's important to have a tool that can help you track your results or... read more

How Dedicated Landing Pages Drive Conversions

2 August, 2021
If you haven't created dedicated landing pages for your marketing campaigns, now is the perfect time to start. Because according to Hubspot, companies who use 10-15... read more

How to Use LinkedIn for Business Marketing

19 July, 2021
Do you want to grow your platform on LinkedIn? LinkedIn provides business owners with a great opportunity to engage with other people in a professional... read more

How Can Local SEO Solutions Help My Business Rank Higher?

15 June, 2021
The truth is, customers are looking for local businesses to solve their problems. With advances in modern technology, search engines can narrow down search results... read more

Programmatic Advertising: Reach More Customers for Less

28 May, 2021
As a company who uses online advertising you know that the goal is to reach as many customers as possible. If the opportunity were presented... read more

Protect Your Reputation: How to Respond to Negative Reviews

17 March, 2021
People value what others say about a product or service. Before purchasing, 91% of people read online reviews, 84% believe them, and 68% only need... read more

7 Ways to Quickly Increase Your Social Media Engagement

8 March, 2021
In today’s world of online businesses and social media, building relationships with your audience or customers is crucial to increasing your engagement. When your audience... read more

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Marketing

4 December, 2020
The CBD market is booming. But it is also becoming saturated with competition, increasing the demand for effective CBD marketing. It's critical to learn how... read more

What Will Be The Digital Marketing Trends for 2021?

20 November, 2020
In many ways, the pandemic has showcased the value of going digital. In a contactless world, having an online presence has become a necessity.  While... read more

B2B Marketing: What You Need to Do Differently

13 October, 2020
B2B vs B2C (and B2G) Let's knock out a couple definitions. B2B: business to business.B2C: business to consumer.B2G: business to government. The way sales occur,... read more

Rising Retail Categories | Think with Google

16 September, 2020
Think With Google continues to push the boundaries of analytics. In May 2020, they rolled out a new feature - Rising Retail Categories. The data... read more

Google Ads 101

9 September, 2020
It can be intimidating and overwhelming when you're getting started with Google Ads. Diving in without a solid understanding of how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads work... read more

Don't Search for Herb

2 September, 2020
Burger King launched a $40 million ad campaign in November 1985 called "Where's Herb?" The idea was to find a character named Herb who'd never... read more

5 Signs You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

30 July, 2020
The global business landscape has changed in remarkable ways with the advent of the Internet. There are more opportunities than ever, but the abundance of... read more

5 Reasons You Should be Using Email Marketing

20 July, 2020
Email marketing isn’t new or sexy. But email marketing is effective. The digital landscape changes rapidly, with new technologies and new mediums meaning you’ve got... read more

8 Reasons to Update Your Website

28 May, 2020
In today's world, the face of your business is online. We're outlining several reasons it's critical to update your website and keep your content fresh... read more

Optimize Your Online Presence with Local SEO

15 May, 2020
Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for a complex puzzle consisting of pieces -- all connecting back to your website. The more consistent the pieces are,... read more

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Instagram

22 April, 2020
If I told you there was a platform with over a billion users, would you be interested? I'm really hoping you said yes. The Instagram... read more

Marketing During a Crisis

14 April, 2020
DEVELOPING AN INTERIM STRATEGY This is a difficult time for everyone, and for you, a difficult decision: marketing during a crisis. How should you do... read more

Don't Stop Advertising! Now More than Ever.

27 March, 2020
In these uncertain times, it can be challenging to know how to market effectively.  This is a scary time for many businesses, and there are... read more

Your Business Needs CallRail

5 March, 2020
You set your marketing strategy. You know your target audience. Your ads are running across social media and Google. Business is increasing, maybe even booming.... read more

Don't Just Advertise - Engage With Customers!

18 February, 2020
Let’s face it: people don’t like ads.  We’re bombarded with them every day in every place.  We’ve learned to look past them, ignore them, or... read more

You Started a Business. Congratulations!

6 February, 2020
You Brought Your Dream to Life. Now What? You had an idea and you made it happen. You started a business! It took a lot... read more

Your Marketing Campaign? People Hate It.

11 December, 2019
What Not to Do In Your Next Marketing Campaign It’s not you. Oh wait, it definitely is. Think you know what you’re doing when it... read more

Faith, Trust, and a bit of Pixie Dust

6 November, 2019
pix·ie dust noun a substance or influence with an apparently magical effect that brings great success or luck. For example, "the folks who live there... read more

Four Digital Strategies You Need to Use

18 September, 2019
You Can’t Run a Successful Business Without These Four Digital Marketing Tactics Companies without digital strategies are often drifting, aimlessly through the search engine world,... read more

Digital Marketing - Éstee Lauder Does it. Do You?

28 August, 2019
Major Players Invest in Digital Marketing We still come across many a client who is dragging their feet when it comes to digital marketing. If... read more

Your Digital Marketing FAQ's Answered!

5 August, 2019
You have burning digital marketing FAQ's. We have expert answers.   Can I just do my own SEO (search engine optimization)? You CAN, but chances... read more

How To Write Title Tags That Get Clicks

9 July, 2019
Write Title Tags Like an SEO Pro When it comes to how to write title tags for SEO (search engine optimization), writing clickable titles makes... read more

The One Thing You Need to Do for Successful SEO

11 June, 2019
We’ll let you in on a little secret...the key to successful SEO When it comes to successful SEO, content will always be king. Google may... read more

Drop These Phrases From Your Marketing

1 May, 2019
How to Write Effective Marketing Content If I never read “tribe” or “all the feels” in any marketing content again, it will be the best... read more

Google Local Service Ads: What to Know

22 April, 2019
Don't miss out on prestigious real estate: Google Local Service Ads. What It Is and Why It’s Awesome If you have the chance to appear... read more

Digital Marketing Myths: It’s All About the Metrics

2 April, 2019
Myth Busted: Digital Marketing Is Only About Numbers When it comes to digital marketing myths, it used to be "all about the numbers." If your... read more

Procter & Gamble - Making a Corporate Site

2 March, 2019
We helped create the Procter & Gamble annual report, and we feel very fortunate to be involved with this project. This was our third time... read more
Let's Work Together :)
Based on 23 reviews
Michael LeFort
Michael LeFort
20:00 28 Oct 21
Great team of smart, caring professionals. Tireless workers constantly earning trust of clients.
Melissa LeFort
Melissa LeFort
20:57 07 Jul 21
It was a pleasure to work with James and the entire Pixaura Team. Our rebranding and website launch was seamless and completed in record time. The Pixaura team was very easy to work with- clear communication, excellent design and met our aggressive timelines. Highly recommend and look forward to working with again soon.
Working with Pixaura has been transformative for our SEO strategy. SEO, in general, is a highly complex and confusing concept. It was a challenge for us to go on "faith" that investing in an SEO strategy would be worth it and we would be able to see results. It takes a company that respects its clients and meets them where they are, in their knowledge of SEO, then works to provide clarity on the work being done. The team at Pixaura didn't "assume" we had vast knowledge of SEO, and they continually take the time that we need to ensure we understand the next steps and strategy.The team atmosphere, personal attention and transparency that we have experienced with Pixaura is only matched by their outstanding professionalism. Working with James, John and Zach has been an awesome experience and we highly recommend Pixaura!
18:44 20 Oct 20
James and his team at Pixaura are the best! Pixaura recently redid our home and product pages for our website and did an amazing job. We asked for a lot and they exceeded expectations.
Ma Joelle Burke
Ma Joelle Burke
14:00 19 Oct 20
I highly recommend James and the Pixaura team. They have helped us launch our brand and have provided exceptional expertise and execution when it come to our digital strategy. I am extremely grateful to have their support as a small company!
Bryan Breslov
Bryan Breslov
17:47 14 Oct 20
We have switched to Pixaura about a year ago from a much bigger national company, and we love the results. Pixaura has a small team that works with you on all your needs, resulting in a smooth project continuity. All of our campaigns are set up with tracking information, which enables us to optimize the results, and we are provided with detailed reports to track our progress. Overall, we are delighted with what Pixaura has to offer.
Noah Beiting
Noah Beiting
16:41 14 Oct 20
Excellent partners in web development. Easy to work with and very talented!
Benjamin Miller
Benjamin Miller
16:36 14 Oct 20
Experts, professional - clear value add.
avinne kiser
avinne kiser
14:48 16 Apr 20
Pixaura has been an amazing partner in creating a website and social media campaign that truly fits the vision we have for our business. They listen to our business needs as well as our vision for growth and development. They created a website and social media marketing campaign to help us achieve our goals! They also take a personal approach to their business and have helped the members of our team learn how to make the marketing material our own. They are always available to guide our team in adding to our website or creating posts that meet our marketing goals! They are phenomenal to work with and view our success as their success! Each member of their team is vested in each member of our team. They are prompt to answer our questions and make changes we need during this dynamics time for our business. Thank you to all the members of the Pixaura team for helping us with our business plan, and keeping their level of service top notch during this very difficult time!! We are grateful to have a partnership with Pixaura!
World Peace Yoga
World Peace Yoga
18:54 10 Apr 20
Wow! Every so often we work with a company that is a delight in every way, reliable, efficient, effective and easy to work with! Pixaura aka James and crew fit that bill to a T! Thanks for all your energy and effort!
Judi LoPresti
Judi LoPresti
15:34 25 Feb 20
Tech wizards! I got a notice from my web host company on a Thursday that I needed to find a new host ASAP. I reached out to James, he was in my shop the next day and had my website transferred over to his host within 24 hours. Really stoked to not have to worry about this anymore! As a small biz owner trying to run a business, take care of customers, inventory and bike repairs, the last thing I want to worry about is my website! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Thanks James!
Michael danov
Michael danov
22:31 24 Feb 20
Great service overall, would use it again and highly recommend the team!
Marina Kandkhorov
Marina Kandkhorov
12:27 26 Oct 19
I wholeheartedly recommend Pixaura to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. That is exactly what they did for us. James, Tim and team are great at what they do and have delivered on every promise. Keep up the good work.
Pixaura are high professionals and a company your digital marketing
Ilyan Mishiyev
Ilyan Mishiyev
00:31 16 Sep 19
Great job, thank you! Very creative and professional team, needed help with an urgent project to build a promotional site. They took control from start by understanding what needed to be done, provided their plan to move forward, and finished it right on time. Thank you for the help!
Diana Daniloff
Diana Daniloff
14:54 15 Sep 19
I am so happy with the work Pixaura team did. Very well done, thank you very much. James and his team are so knowledgeable and experienced. Digital marketing is a very important aspect of today's business, it has to be done right, and Pixaura staff definitely know what they are doing.
Steve Wolf
Steve Wolf
14:56 11 Sep 19
It has been a joy to work with James and his team at Pixaura. I love their bias for action. You will too. They work with genuine care for your product/brand/Company to help you look your best. They understand the challenges that businesses face (large and small) and they design cost-conscious solutions that meet your objectives. Top notch people and great work!
INCREDIBLE. There is simply no overstating how powerful this team is. From unlocking the potential of our SEO/SEM efforts to leveling up the potency of our social-media engagement... these folks bring a multiplying effect to everything they touch. Truly. & Because they frame everything through a deeply strategic lens -- with the question of "How does [ digital-marketing tactic X ] help this particular company realize their mission and hit their goals" acting as their guiding principle -- it really does feel like we magically gained a whole new in-house "Digital Marketing Department." (& One that's operating at certified "Expert Level," too.) ... Suffice to say, it's been a game changer.
Garret Ollish
Garret Ollish
13:56 18 Jun 19
My team and I have had the pleasure to work with James and his crew on a mutual client; the energy and excitement that they attack their work with is incredible. They're a team of people who truly care about what they do, and have experience to back up all that energy too. I trust their expertise, and would recommend them whole heartedly.
Elijah Kirtman
Elijah Kirtman
21:19 17 Jun 19
In late 2018, I took a leap of faith to go for my dream and launched my business as a copywriter. But I had only a LinkedIn page and word of mouth to spread the news of my exciting new venture. . . and business wasn’t as fruitful as I had imagined. I needed a professionally designed logo, business card, and website to engage prospects.I had extensively researched the market to find a professional that could provide all of these essential elements, and I quickly discovered that James O’Loughlin was the best fit for my needs. James’ numerous years of teaching web design and development, his 30+ years of building websites and helping businesses succeed in the digital space, his professional demeanor and his laid back personality was a no-brainer.James was quick to grasp my business and branding ideas, and he helped me conceptualize outside-the-box branding that promotes long term success. His team designed an exceptional logo that captures the essence of my vision, and provides continuity across my marketing collateral, website, and social media platforms. They designed a beautiful business card that is the recipient of endless compliments from my prospects. And James did amazing work designing and developing my minimalist website, which harnesses my personality while separating me from my competitors and captivating my potential clients.Leveraging James’ talents and skills to build the tools and branding critical to the success of my business enabled me to directly focus on running my business. I’ve landed multiple clients thanks to James and his team. My dream – it’s happening!
David Klingerman
David Klingerman
17:41 17 Jun 19
Pixaura is fantastic. Highly relatable team of creatives who can turn around any solution we're looking for.
Amanda Hunter
Amanda Hunter
14:42 17 Jun 19
Pixaura was able to grow our business by providing outstanding customer service & superior internet marketing strategies. Zach is the best! He is always giving me the best tips and tricks to stay relevant online. Proof is in the results and these guys are top notch! Very happy :)
Benchman System
Benchman System
17:33 12 Jun 19
Pixaura has helped bring my idea to life. They built an awesome and easy to use e-commerce site to sell my products online. They are also helping me with my digital marketing by creating Google and Facebook Ads.Thank you Pixaura!