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P&G StandOut 2021

18 August, 2021
With the success of P&G Standout in 2020 Pixaura and AGAR worked on the newest version for 2021. PolyMath Visuals knocked the 3D design out... read more

Unplug! 5 Benefits of Decreasing Your Screen Time

3 March, 2021
We are big fans of all things digital here - obviously. But even we know it's important to break away from the hold that our... read more

How to Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

28 December, 2020
We've all been there. January 1st comes and we make our New Year's Resolutions. "I'm going to lose 10 pounds!" "I'm going to read more!"... read more

Louis Armstrong Wednesday

24 June, 2020
We're passionate about a few things here: digital marketing, our city of Cincinnati, and good food with good friends. Oh, and music. Today is Louis... read more

Wye Oak Wednesday

20 May, 2020
It's Wye Oak Wednesday here at Pixaura. Well, here in my home office, I should say. The team's all spread out these days! Excuse me... read more

Over the Rhine Wednesday at Pixaura

6 May, 2020
It's Over the Rhine Wednesday! Previously, we brought you Willie Nelson Wednesday and Stevie Wonder Wednesday, but we kind of stalled out. Well, our weekly... read more

Think with Google | The Next Big Thing

20 December, 2019 Think with Google discusses some of the next big ideas in digital marketing. Speaking to consumers, voice, privacy, and brand loyalty are all the... read more

Willie Nelson Wednesday at Pixaura

28 August, 2019
Our first music tribute was Stevie Wonder Wednesday. And we're following up with an American icon, Willie Nelson! Born in Texas in 1933, Willie's life... read more

Paradigms and Pixaura --- :)

22 July, 2019
Paradigms. par·a·digm/ˈperəˌdīm/Learn to pronounce noun a typical example or pattern of something; a model. "There is a new paradigm for public art in this country."... read more

Pixie-Aura Dust and a Career Fair

13 May, 2019
Spreading Digital Marketing Skills and Inspiration We’re not just guiding your business’s digital success. We're also inspiring the next generation of developers and digital marketers.... read more

Pi Day 3.14 - Here's Pi to 1 Million

14 March, 2019
It's Pi Day, better known as March 14th - 3.14 (3.1415926535897932384). Recently my son asked me, "what is Pi?" That question took me down a... read more

Stevie Wonder Wednesday at Pixaura

13 March, 2019
Bring some love, smiles, and grooves into your life today. The music of Stevie Wonder is filling our workspace with positive energy this pre-spring morning.... read more

Credit Card Processing | Security | Best Rates

12 March, 2019
Determining the best ways to accept payments online can be a challenge. And as a business owner, we know you're concerned about fees and fraud.... read more