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5 Essential Requirements for Effective E-Commerce

More and more people worldwide have access to the internet. Customers feel that online shopping is more helpful than going outside to buy items at... read more

Pixaura + P&G: STANDOUT Virtual Campus

P&G STANDOUT / Emerging Leaders Camp is a program that invites the brightest college students from around the nation to participate in a 1 week... read more

8 Reasons to Update Your Website

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Improving SEO Score and Site Speed

A solid strategy for moving your company higher in search results is by improving your SEO score and site speed. In terms of ranking, Google... read more

COVID19 | Website & Social Updates

This time is going to be difficult for all businesses to survive, but we’re here with you. Pixaura will be offering, at no charge, web... read more

Hire Professional Website Designers. Skip the DIY.

Why Is No One Coming to my Website? You went with the template over the professionally designed website. You’ve created your mind-blowing website. It’s beautiful.... read more

Annual Report and Web Development for P&G

When P&G needed their 2019 Annual Report created, they called on Madison Design and Pixaura. Madison took the reins and designed the print and web versions. Pixaura... read more

Mixed Reality is Helping Medical Trainees!

We're happy to announce the arrival of a new website we built for Unveil Systems. At Pixaura we really dig working with cool companies. Unveil... read more

Why You Need Professional Website Design

Do You Need A Professional Website Designer? Absolutely. There is no shortage of services that let you drag and drop a website to your heart’s... read more

You Have SEO Problems. We Have Solutions.

We are Calling Out the Top Three SEO Mistakes We See Clients Making Not everyone is an SEO master, and we don’t expect you to... read more

Procter & Gamble - Making a Corporate Site

We helped create the Procter & Gamble annual report, and we feel very fortunate to be involved with this project. This was our third time... read more