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Cornerstone content plays a significant role in SEO strategy. If you write many articles, posts, and content about a topic/subject like “SEO” you need to define one page/URL as the cornerstone content. I.e., inside of this SEO page becomes the cornerstone page for SEO and we tell Google this is the cornerstone page. Without a cornerstone page, everything you post about SEO will be competing against each other to attract Google’s attention. 

Using this method will build up the SEO rank power for this particular page by adding new supporting content, posts, FAQs, etc… within your site. 
After we fix the majority of SEO architecture on your site we will begin with a cornerstone content strategy to build all of the content around your site to support these cornerstones. 

How Many SEO Cornerstones?

Your entire site can not be built with Cornerstones. You need to pick the most important product or service and within your business and create these cornerstone pages.

Key Word Selection

Pixaura will help you select the SEO keywords and phrases based on Keyword Difficulty and Search Volume.

SEO Landing Page

Now that you’ve established your cornerstone content the page needs to convert visitors into clients. This is where Pixaura helps with CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization. How do we design the page so that it converts the visitors into clients? Pixaura handles this by implementing excellent web design UI/UX and content and analyzes everything we build with data.

Link Counter

How many internal links are linking to the cornerstone page/post? The cornerstone content should definitely have the most internal links. We recommend installing Yoast SEO plugin and checking your internal link count.

Get Started With Your Cornerstone Content

Drop us a line to get started working on your Cornerstone Content for SEO!

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