How Dedicated Landing Pages Drive Conversions

man and woman analyzing landing pages as part of digital advertising strategy

If you haven’t created dedicated landing pages for your marketing campaigns, now is the perfect time to start. Because according to Hubspot, companies who use 10-15 landing pages across their promotions get 55% more leads! 

Landing pages might be a highly effective way to grow your business, but if you are going to use them, you need to know how to get the best landing page conversions.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about creating landing pages that drive more conversions for your business. 

What Is a Landing Page and Why Use One?

If you are getting decent traffic numbers to your website and sales are going up, you might wonder whether there’s any point in using a landing page.

However, a landing page is critical if you plan on running any marketing or paid promotional campaigns. It is a purposeful one-page form with a strong call to action to capture email addresses or other contact information from customers.

You need to put a landing page in front of prospective customers if you are running any online marketing. You want your target customer to take action, and a landing page is your tool for doing that. 

The Benefits of Creating Landing Pages for Each Marketing Campaign

The first job of a good landing page is to collect email addresses and grow your email list. That’s why the most high-converting landing pages tend to be light on features and focus heavily on a single form field for the email address. 

Get your landing page strategy right for each campaign, and you can potentially grow your email list by hundreds or even thousands of subscribers in a matter of months.

Consider the rate of this growth in the context of your business, particularly if you can translate a small percentage of those subscribers into paying customers. 

In short, a great landing page for every single marketing promotion is central to your digital marketing strategy. It can have a direct link to your revenue growth. 

If you create dedicated landing pages for each new marketing campaign, you can achieve a more personalized sales funnel. And with a landing page builder, it costs minimum time and effort to create one.

Each campaign sales funnel will ultimately help you maximize conversions. You can align your marketing messages with your offers.

How to Boost Landing Page Conversions

Of course, even when you understand the power of a landing page, getting the right page for each campaign is a different matter. However, you can follow plenty of best practice tips to ensure you are achieving a high conversion rate. 

Choose The Right Offer

Every landing page design should have something enticing to offer the audience. This offer must have a tangible link to your business services or products and be something that your target audience will love.

It must be relevant. It might be tempting to run an iPad competition. But you will get email addresses from people who want an iPad, not the product you sell (unless you sell iPads, of course). 

Pick a Great Headline

The most critical aspect of each landing page is your headline. According to Marketing Sherpa, you can double your conversion rate simply by improving your headline.

Good headlines encourage a visitor to continue reading your landing page instead of clicking on the back button.

It is the first thing someone will read when they hit your landing page. So you must take time to create copy that will capture their attention. 

Aim for 7-10 words, use power and action words, and make the headline relatable to your target audience. 

Keep It Simple

It’s tempting to try something clever and innovative when creating a marketing campaign, but when it comes to landing pages, keep it simple, like these landing page examples

Use precise language that your audience will recognize, simple graphics that don’t distract from the message, and easy-to-understand call-to-actions.

Don’t overwhelm your audience with a big, complex form. Stick to a simple field for the visitor to enter their email address, a check box covering the terms, and a clearly labeled submit button. 

Strong Branding

Suppose a visitor discovers your campaign landing page after learning about your business from your website or social media, or even a paid ad. In that case, you want to provide some reassurance that they are in the right place. 

That’s where effective branding comes in. Use fonts, colors, and your branding guidelines to ensure your landing page design is consistent with the rest of your business. 

Not only does this remind visitors where they are, but it is an extra selling point to boost conversions. They will see branding from a business they already know, like, and trust. 

Split Test

Test, don’t guess. That’s the rule to follow when trying to improve conversion rates. If you have a landing page with low conversion, you might feel tempted to look at that page and take an educated guess as to where the problem lies. 

But you’d be surprised at how easy this guesswork is to get wrong. In reality, the only way you can figure out a conversion problem is to run some split tests.

That means testing two nearly-identical landing pages, sending half of your traffic to each page. 

Start by testing two different headlines, then your sub-headline, followed by your call to action. If that doesn’t work, test your images and, finally, your offer. 

Consider Video

As the old saying goes: show, don’t tell. When it comes to landing pages, the best way to put this rule into practice is to use video. It will demonstrate the beauty of what you have to offer your audience in each campaign. 

Use a short 20-30 second video to show your audience what they will get when entering their email address. If your offer is something small like a discount voucher, you might think this is too much.

But you can be smart with this and use your video to feature a customer testimonial. A happy customer talking to the camera about snapping up your fantastic product using a discount voucher can have a positive impact! 

Creating Landing Pages to Grow Your Business

It’s time to start building landing pages for your next marketing campaign. Creating landing pages that convert well can significantly impact the number of leads you get and your revenue, so it’s a wise investment.

We’re here to support you with that goal. Get your free digital consultation with us today. We can talk to you about how to use marketing to achieve your business targets in 2021 and beyond.