The Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

person on phone analyzing data for 2022's digital marketing trends

It’s no secret that digital marketing is an ever-evolving beast. It’s become the main way companies communicate with consumers, and the main way people find businesses. Gone are the days of flyers and word of mouth being the prime marketing tactics!

With digital marketing changing from year to year, it’s important to be ahead of the curve and know what’s coming up.

As we approach the end of 2021, here are the digital marketing trends 2022 will bring. Be aware of them and ready to adapt.

Artificial Intelligence Rising

While A.I. has already become one of the top digital marketing trends and is already used for numerous tasks (such as suggesting keywords and reporting on traffic), it’s safe to assume that its rise will continue through 2022 and even the years beyond.

Despite it already finding its place, A.I. is a new technology that has so far to go. Companies are likely to use it to suggest things to customers based on their buying and browsing history. And there’s no doubt it will find even more use in the future.

It has so many advantages that it’s impossible to ignore the potential there is to explore. 

Remote Working vs. In-Person

Although remote work used to be unusual, 2020 saw that change when a pandemic swept over the globe. Working from home became the only safe option — and, to everyone’s surprise, productivity actually increased despite the ever-looming stress of COVID-19. 

Although it’s becoming safer to meet again in person, it’s likely that remote working will never truly return to the uncommon situation it once was because it’s been proven it works.

What’s more likely is a hybrid between the two, with a lot of digital marketing now being done from home. 

More Influencer Work

People often speculate that the influencer market is dying, but it’s actually not the case. In fact, it’s projected to grow from $9.7 billion in 2021 to $15 billion in 2022, which is a huge leap. 

That means influencers are likely still going to be one of the key marketing trends that just keeps going up. If you thought 2022 digital trends would see the death of influencers, think again!

Although some influencers’ audiences come and go and have had their time in the spotlight, there are many that are still gaining followers at a drastic late and this makes them a valuable marketing asset. 


Chatbots have already become integral to many websites. They have the ability to answer basic questions based on what the customer types, to recognize words and find a scripted answer they can send back immediately.

This saves a lot of time for employees who would otherwise have to answer those questions. 

However, in 2022, chatbots are going to become even more advanced. Companies aim to find ways that the chatbot can become even more responsive to customers and recommend things for them to buy or answer questions about the product or service they’re looking at.

Chatbots are invaluable. With a large customer base it’s impossible to give every single person the attention they deserve. Chatbots can answer thousands of people at once. 

More Mobile-Friendly Designs and Codes

These days, most traffic coming through the internet is mobile. In fact, out of 4.48 billion internet users, 4 billion of them use their phones. 

That means one of the 2022 digital marketing trends will be to focus on a mobile-friendly experience. Although most companies do this to an extent, there are still plenty of sites out there that don’t have responsive designs or apps.

Companies will have to make sure their website works well on mobile devices to keep up, or create an intuitive user-friendly app. 

Working With Non-Profits

People are becoming increasingly endeared to companies that have causes they actually care about. Education on important issues is widespread these days. People are passionate about various passionate causes — whether it’s human rights, animal rights, the environment, or something else entirely.

Working with non-profits is already starting to trend upwards, and is ready to move even further in 2022. 

It will be important, however, for companies to find non-profits that genuinely align with their mission and passion. Otherwise, they risk seeming performative, which could end up being a very bad thing for their business. 

Alternatives to Third Party Cookies

Perhaps the biggest of the 2022 marketing trends is that Google will no longer support third-party cookies — or anything that tracks in a similar way. This is huge, as online advertisers rely on these.

Budgets will be redirected to focus on reaching audiences through keywords and organic searches more than relying on what they may have searched in the past. Ultimately though, we’re still learning about the alternatives and how exactly they’ll shape digital marketing in the future. There’s no doubt that the result will be huge. 

Although things are ever-changing and it’s impossible to make exact predictions with any great certainty, we can assume that with these digital marketing trends, 2022 is shaping up to look something like this: improved artificial intelligence, no more third-party cookies, a surge of hybrid working, and collaborations with non-profits and influencers.

Being aware of these things can help you get ahead of the game with your company and prepare you for what’s coming.

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