Don’t Just Advertise – Engage With Customers!

don't just advertise - engage with your customers

Let’s face it: people don’t like ads.  We’re bombarded with them every day in every place.  We’ve learned to look past them, ignore them, or at best, skim their content. But there’s a better way. Don’t just advertise to your customers – engage with them!

It isn’t all bad news.  Customer feedback about what they don’t like tells us a lot about what they do want.  And what they want is for you to engage with them.  Don’t just advertise – here are 3 ways to connect with your customers.


Some of the best content will come from your fans.  If someone is praising you, share it!  If someone is using your product or service, feature it!  Few campaigns are more effective than voice-of-customer data.  Before sharing, remember to ask permission and give them credit. 

Bonus: resharing your fans’ content might just lead to more user content to share.  Not a bad cycle to find yourself in!


Customers want to be heard, whether about a product suggestion or their experience with your business.  Show them there’s real people behind your account by answering them, especially through social media.

Don’t respond to just the good reviews; learn to see the negatives as opportunities for excellent customer service!  Consumers pay attention to how you handle bad reviews, and according to Forbes, 45% of people will still visit businesses with negative reviews when they are answered in a concerned and helpful fashion.


Loyalty perks exist because they work. Today, many business are rewarding their fans through social media contests.  When these giveaways involve sharing your content, you’re leveraging your existing customer community and boosting brand awareness beyond your own audience.  This, in turn, can gain you additional viewers for your future campaigns. 

Just remember to make sure your rewards are relevant – a golf course giveaway should be golf-related, right?


But what about ads? Well the title of this article is “don’t JUST advertise” after all. Ads still and will always matter, and the old rules still apply – know your audience, tell them how you can help them, and be honest about the benefits you’re offering. Finally, make sure you’re sending them to a dedicated post-click landing page. Don’t waste effort enticing them without linking to exactly where you can convert the click to a sale!