Don’t Stop Advertising! Now More than Ever.

eyeglasses resting on a keyboard reflecting the Facebook logo from the screen

In these uncertain times, it can be challenging to know how to market effectively.  This is a scary time for many businesses, and there are important decisions to be made. You need revenue, but if you stop digital marketing, it’s hard to make sales. If you continue advertising, how do you ensure your message is received favorably by customers who are likely worried about their own situations?

For many, the inclination is to stop, sit back and see what happens. But don’t stop advertising! Marketing is a long game. Customers are more likely to make a purchase the more times they’re exposed to your brand or product. You’ve spent a lot of time building your brand and reputation. You’ve determined your target audience and formulated a strategy. Don’t throw away that time and effort. More people are online than ever – make sure you’re seen.

Facebook Advertising

In today’s climate, Facebook is beyond important – it’s necessary. Facebook ads allow us to target audiences in incredibly precise fashion. Right now, many of your competitors are cutting back on advertising. To boot, the costs are dropping, and simultaneously, more eyes are on your ads. For brands that maintain or grow their ad spending, that’s marketing nirvana. The ads you run now could have a better ROI and stronger impact than you’ve experienced before.

But where should you begin? Let’s start with the important stuff: if your current ads are working, don’t stop them! But if they’re tone deaf, or a bit insensitive for a crisis, pull them and get back to the drawing board. This situation is NOT a gimmicky marketing opportunity. If you want to run a sale, go ahead – but don’t link it to this pandemic. If your coupon code is “covid-19”, go ahead and prepare for the backlash of offended customers (who will likely never come back.)

Instead, focus on how you can be of service. If your product solves a problem, great! Tell people how it can help them. Maybe offer flexible payment options or amend your typical contract language. People need to know you’re after more than just their money. If you can be sensitive to what others are experiencing, and find opportunities to cooperate and collaborate, you’ll go beyond building a customer – you’ll build a community. 

Pixaura’s Advertising Expertise

At Pixaura, we’ve helped numerous companies with their digital marketing strategies. If you’re looking to start or continue advertising on Facebook, or any other platform, let us know how we can help. We hope to see all of you survive and even thrive through this crisis. But remember: don’t stop advertising!