Digital Marketing – Éstee Lauder Does it. Do You?

digital marketing estee lauder

Major Players Invest in Digital Marketing

We still come across many a client who is dragging their feet when it comes to digital marketing. If we can’t convince you, maybe Éstee Lauder can.

One of the largest beauty companies in the world, Éstee Lauder, knows where to invest to continue reporting profits year after year. “These investments are mainly now in digital. Seventy-five percent of our investment now are in digital social media influencers, and they’re revealing to be highly productive,” CEO Fabrizio Freda says. 

Did you hear that? Most of their budget is going to digital! Investing your money where growth is happening, yields returns for your company. You may think that slapping up a website is good enough. It isn’t. As a business owner one of your jobs is to cultivate and nurture your online presence. If you don’t, get ready to wilt behind the businesses that are shining bright online.

Okay, so you’re not Éstee Lauder and you’re not paying millions of dollars to influencers but recognizing where major players are spending time and resources should give your clarity about the importance of digital presence. Work your Google Ads, keep your social media game tight, don’t skimp on blogs, monitor your online reviews, update your website content regularly and reach out to influencers. If you don’t have the time, we will do it for you.