Facebook Reviews Have Changed

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Facebook ratings and reviews have changed, and now it’s easier to find great businesses with recommendations. According to Facebook, 1 in 3 users are finding reviews and recommendations from the network, making the reviews section of your Facebook business page pretty important!

At this point, it’s well established that reviews and recommendations are critical for a company’s reputation. The aim of the new design is to provide easier ways for Facebook users to interact with local businesses.

Basically, Facebook recommendations and reviews will be integrated in the new design, which is already rolling out. Let’s take a look at the new process.

Facebook recommendations
Facebook – Ratings are Now Recommendations

You no longer rate a business by providing a 1-5 star score. Instead, you just leave a positive or negative review. From there, Facebook interprets the score. That’s it! It’s similar to the changes Netflix made – only a thumbs up or down.

However, the binary nature of this “yes/no” choice lacks context, leaving some yearning for more. To many users, the sliding scale of 1 to 5 creates the more trust in a review.

facebook reviews changes
Customers no longer rate your business with a score range of 1-5

Today’s customers rely heavily on online reviews from Facebook, as well as Google, Yelp, and several other platforms when making purchasing decisions. Drop us a line and we’ll help you with your company’s reviews and online reputation management.