Four Reasons You Need a Facebook Group For Your Brand

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Posts from your favorite Facebook business pages are dwindling on your newsfeed and it has left you wondering, is anyone seeing my business page posts? The hard truth is…probably not. At the beginning of 2018 Facebook altered its algorithm to promote more “meaningful social interactions,” leaving many business pages in the dust. Even when regularly interacting with business pages, it’s hard for users to get them to stay relevant enough to see updates for very long. One thing that is apparent, Facebook groups seem to be getting all the love when it come to newsfeed real estate. As a business owner you’re wondering, do I need a business page? Do I need a Facebook group? Do I need both?

You may be ready to throw in the towel when it comes to your business page, but hold onto it. While your posts may not be getting as much exposure, a business page is a non-negotiable. Your business page legitimizes you as a business. When people are searching for your brand on facebook, you need to show up. A business page not only presents you as a legitimate business, but allows you to post business information and links that group pages do not. This means people can quickly get hours, contact info., website link etc. This is also a point of contact if a consumer is trying to reach you. They will be searching for your business page, not your group.

While your group posts are going to show up in newsfeeds more often, this is only true for people who are already in your group. Chances are you have more people that Like your business page, versus members of your group. We can’t forget all of the old OGs out there who haven’t quite grasped the concept of a Facebook group and they are an important part of the equation for a lot of businesses. If you want to do a live video, you’re going to want to do it where the most people are going to see it, and this means from your Facebook business page. Let’s not forget that friends of people who interact with your business page posts, and not your group posts (unless they are also in the group), will see these interactions and this increases your reach further.

Facebook paid advertising can get you more Likes and followers. While groups have become an integral part of your social media marketing plan, only posts from your business page can be boosted. Another key reason to keep your Facebook business page relevant.

There is no doubt that Facebook groups make your consumers feel special and add another level to your consumer connection. A group is a place where we can interact with your consumers and fans at a deeper level, and once your consumer is in your group get ready to show up all over their newsfeed. Tout your group as a place for insider info., tips, sales, whatever applies to your brand, and draw people in with the juicy extras.

The end game is to turn fans into sales. Utilizing both Facebook business pages and groups means you’re reaching the widest audience possible and staying relevant in the competitive real estate of the Facebook newsfeed.

Kasi DetmerFour Reasons You Need a Facebook Group For Your Brand