Google Ads Experts? 15 Years Makes us Old

google ads experts

Today I realized that we started doing Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) 15 years ago! We’re either Google Ads experts, or we’re just old!

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Started Google Ads October 2004

Just because we’ve been doing something for a long time doesn’t mean we’re Google Ads experts. But since 2004, we’ve managed multi-million dollar ad accounts and put 100,000± leads into email inboxes and phone calls.

We’re confident in our ability to deliver better search engine results to your business. By investing in Google Ads, you will reach highly eager buyers at the point when they’re searching and lead them straight to your site. We research you, your industry, your competitors, your keywords. Then we set up your Google Ads campaign, creating ad copy and configuring all settings. While we do the work, you reap the results!

Drop us a line or give us a call if you’re looking for an experienced team to maximize your marketing budget.

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Google likes Pixaura so much, they moved into our building in OTR. 🙂

“Tech giant Google has quietly opened a new office in the heart of Cincinnati’s hottest neighborhood.

Google (Nasdaq: GOOGL) moved to a sales office in the Spaces coworking space in Cincinnati Center City Development Corp.’s 15th and Vine development.”

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