Google Business Reviews & COVID-19

COVID and google reviews

The Coronavirus continues to grind the world to a halt. Not even Google business reviews have been able to escape its effects.

As of last week, Google business reviews are no longer being published to business accounts. This came largely in response to ill-informed or malicious reviews about businesses not being open during their typical hours. In other cases, users were fraudulently claiming that someone had contracted COVID-19 at an establishment.

Rest assured, Google’s short-staffed teams are still hard at work. New listings, claims, and verifications for health-related businesses have been deemed top priority. You can expect delays for these types of updates for other businesses.

However, profile edits are still a priority. Whether you’re open, offering special hours or experiencing a temporary closure, Google employees will be manually reviewing and updating these types of changes as soon as possible. So be sure to keep your business profile up to date if anything has changed during COVID.

In the meantime, Google posts are still functioning – use them to communicate with your customers! And don’t worry, reviews that post during this time will be published when things get back to normal. If you need help building your reputation, Pixaura is here to help with that.