Google Guarantee Certification: Why You Need It

man clasping digital dollar bill between hands; Google Guaranteed strategy concept

Everyone knows that these days, Google is pretty much vital to becoming a successful business.

88% of people who searched for a local business on Google visited a related place within a week. It’s how people find out where to go and what services to use. 

It can be hard to be visible on Google with so much competition. But one way to ensure your business is both seen and respected is with a Google Guarantee Certification.

Never heard of it? Here’s what it is, and why you need it. 

What Is Google Guaranteed?

The Google Guarantee certification or badge is a verified checkmark that essentially says Google believes in your business. It’s designed to provide support for local businesses and ensure that people aren’t tricked into enlisting the services of a fraud.

If a customer sees a business has earned Google Guarantee verification, they know Google trusts them — so they can too.

How Do You Become Certified?

To become Google Guaranteed, you need to pass a variety of screening and certification measures. These include looking into the business’s license, checking out their liability insurance, and running background checks.

What specifics are necessary tends to vary by industry, but Google will want to make sure you are completely legitimate.

This is because they actually cover the cost of the customer’s dissatisfaction if that happens!

If a customer isn’t happy with a Google Guaranteed business, they can contact Google and ask for reimbursement. The good news is that Google will always reach out to the business first to see what happened before assuming the business is in the wrong.

Does It Cost Money?

Google Guarantee costs $50 per month

The many advantages of Google Guarantee make this worth it for most businesses. When a potential customer searches for local businesses on Google, they’re likely going to see a whole host of options.

The quickest way to start filtering them out is to look at the ones who have undergone rigorous background checks by Google and are far less likely to be scamming people.

How Do I Become Google Guaranteed?

To become Google Guaranteed, you should sign up for Local Services ads. These are currently the only businesses that are eligible to receive that stamp of approval. 

This alone can help your business, as it’ll boost you to the top of Google search results. Once you’ve registered, you can look into getting certified. 

Google Guarantee Is Worth It

If you’re looking to grow your business, it might seem like Google Guarantee is just another unnecessary expense to account for every month. The truth is, however, that Google Guarantee can help your business in many ways.

Google is a highly reputable company that consumers trust, and having their stamp of approval on your services is invaluable.

Do you need help getting “Guaranteed?” At Pixaura Digital Marketing, we can help you with Local Service Ads and taking the steps to become Google Guarantee certified. Contact us today for a free consultation!