Google Local Service Ads: What to Know

google local service ads

Don’t miss out on prestigious real estate: Google Local Service Ads.

What It Is and Why It’s Awesome

If you have the chance to appear above Google AdWords, the map 3-pack and the top organic SERPs (search engine results pages), why wouldn’t you? Are you drooling over this prime position yet? You should be and you should be taking advantage of Google Local Service Ads.

When specific keywords are targeted during a search, Google Local Service Ads appear at the top of the page, enticing users to click on these first. Working in the consumer’s favor, the businesses in the ads have already been vetted for proper licensing and background checks. Even cooler, the Google Guarantee is offering to cover claims up to $2,000 if the consumer isn’t satisfied. With all of these perks, why wouldn’t a local service ad be a consumer’s first click? Forget your Instagram blue check mark, a Google Guarantee green check means lead conversions for your business.

How Google Local Service Ads Works For Businesses

Local Service Ads offer the same flexibility of AdWords meaning you set a weekly budget and you pay per lead. While this is a great feature to stay within budget, it can be anxiety-provoking when deciding how much to spend. How much should you budget? You don’t want to overspend and waste money, but you don’t want to underspend and lose out on leads. Fear not! Our digital marketing experts make sure that it is a stress-free and effective experience for your business. We guide you through setting a budget that is within your financial goals as well as effective for the level of competition of the industry that you’re in.

There’s no cost to enroll. Woohoo! Because of proof of licensing and employee background checks, setup can be cumbersome but once you earn that green checkmark and the leads start rolling in, it’s worth it. When thinking about the Google real estate you’re occupying and the relatively low cost for leads, Google Local Service Ads are a no brainer. No set-up fees and no penalties for stopping. If it is a good fit for your industry you can’t go wrong.


Currently, Local Service Ads are only letting you display your basic company info, and a phone number to contact. No website link. If someone does want to check out a website before they book, and your website is not one of the top organic search results they may turn to a different business that is. Consumers don’t want to work. They want their results yesterday. This is why both SEO (search engine optimization) and paid ads are important. Luckily, we specialize in both. We understand the digital landscape and offer you every avenue possible to bring in the consumers you’re working so hard for, including Google Local Service Ads.

Even though Google Local Service Ads mean that you can show up above AdWords and the 3-pack, if there is a ton of competition in your service area your Local Service Ad still needs to rank higher than your competition. That is where our expertise comes in. We make sure that you’re meeting the criteria to show up before the rest.

Google Local Service Ads are currently only available for local businesses in a select number of industries. The list started off small but is ever-expanding. Currently, ads are available for anyone from an air duct cleaner and electrician to an event planner and tutor. Check your eligibility to see if you fit into one of the approved categories.


Though Google Local Service Ads don’t give a lot of leeway for business information it does allow you to differentiate your business in a few ways such as adding “locally owned & operated” and “offers military discounts.” Our SEM (search engine marketing) pros make sure you’re taking advantage of the extras and pull ahead of the competition.

One thing Google Local Service Ads does do is allow you to highlight your reviews. Reviews build trust among consumers and Local Service Ads means another place to display your awesomeness and attract customers. We help you use this to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

Successful SEM is taking full advantage of channels that make sense for your brand and wringing out every advantage possible in each to bring you to the forefront of your industry. We tease out and customize a plan for your company specifically. If there is one more spot to take advantage of and give your business exposure, then that’s what we do. Google Local Service Ads may be that avenue. Contact us to learn more.