Threads – Is it the Twitter Killer?

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What Is Threads and How Is It Different?

If you’re looking for a new social media platform that offers control over your content and encourages meaningful conversations, you might want to consider Threads. Created by the Instagram team, Threads is a text-sharing app that allows users to join public conversations, post text updates, links, photos, and videos of up to 5 minutes long. But, how is Threads different from other social media platforms, and what makes it stand out?

Why Threads Exists

According to research, many users are frustrated with the direction of Twitter. Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg sees an opportunity for Meta to offer a Twitter-like solution, and Threads fills that gap. By using Meta’s algorithm, the new platform curates the content that best suits your interests and behavior, delivering it in an orderly fashion — unlike Twitter’s chaos. With 3 billion worldwide users, Meta’s advertising engine will likely benefit Threads for advertising purposes. 

Threads Compared Other Social Media Platforms

Threads offers a few key differentiators when compared to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. One of the most significant differences is that you can post links directly in your content – something that Instagram doesn’t allow its users to do. Furthermore, you can’t create hashtags within the app, emphasizing the importance of the main post as the initiator of the conversation. That said, Threads will soon make its debut in the Fediverse, demonstrating Meta’s recognition of the potential of decentralized social networking and showing that content from one social media platform can be shared/visible on another.

This quick comparison between Threads, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok list some key differentiators.

Is Threads right for your audience?

If you’re already on FB, Insta, or Twitter, we recommend creating a Threads account, which is easy to do by syncing your Instagram account with the app seamlessly.

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“Within two days of its launch, Meta’s new Twitter rival Threads became one of the most rapidly downloaded apps ever, amassing more than 75 million users.”Forbes

Control Your Feed

Threads gives you the ability to mute, hide, block, or report any user whose content you don’t want to see, providing more control over your content. 

Repost and Share

It’s easy to repost and share content, which is integral to the growth of the original thread. Once you’ve set up your account, it’s easy to use.

Can You Advertise on Threads?

Currently, the app does not host any ads, but most likely, it will use Meta’s Business Suite in the future. When this happens, we can help you manage your Social Media PPC campaigns.

Should You Be Blue Dot Verified?

If you’re a company, we recommend having a Blue Dot-verified account, which is connected to your Instagram verified account. A Blue Dot account typically costs $15/month.

Our Recommendation

We recommend syncing your Instagram account with Threads to make account creation seamless. There is no charge for us to set up your account. Ready to join the new party? Get in touch!

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