Louis Armstrong Wednesday

Louis Armstrong

We’re passionate about a few things here: digital marketing, our city of Cincinnati, and good food with good friends. Oh, and music. Today is Louis Armstrong Wednesday at Pixaura. It seems fitting to take a minute to honor one of our country’s most important black musicians during this important time in America.

His nickname was Satchmo!

Born in 1901 in a city he came to symbolize, Louis was as New Orleans as they come. You simply can’t talk about the history of jazz without Louis Armstrong. He played that trumpet in a way that inspired so many, myself included. I never could get my cheeks to blow up quite like him though.

Louis Armstrong playing trumpet

His talent as singer was amplified by his uniquely gravelly voice. He composed, and he acted, he led bands. He even performed as a comedian. Importantly, he was one of the first African-Americans to enjoy success with fan bases of all races. That this happened in such a racially divided era is tribute to his talent and America’s appreciation for him.


He landed roles in movies like High Society, with fellow legends Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Grace Kelly. He earned three Oscar nominations, winning one in 1964 for Hello Dolly, where he starred alongside Barbra Streisand.

It’s tough to pick a signature song. Many would say “What a Wonderful World.” But I’m quite partial to “La Vie En Rose.” I’m feeling generous. Let’s go with both.

Louis Armstrong – La Vie en Rose

Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World