Mixed Reality is Helping Medical Trainees and We Got to Build the Site

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We’re happy to announce the arrival of a new website we built for Unveil Systems.

At Pixaura we really dig working with cool companies. Unveil does not disappoint. This state of the art company uses mixed reality to train military, EMS and your future doctors. Using the Microsoft Hololens and the TOMManikin (or not) to give emergency medical personnel better training. It was a privilege to build the website flaunting the amazing work they are doing.

Mixed reality is letting emergency medical students experience more cues during training that reflect real-world scenarios, like breathing rate, breathing symmetry, pulse and oxygen levels. Better training means better results. The technology also lets you customize the injuries you’re seeing, allowing you to replicate as many times as needed to get desired results.

The out of this world technology used in the Unveil system tracks each student’s gaze to see where they are focusing and if this needs to be adjusted. The data is auto-recorded so that means less grunt work for instructors and more time working on the important stuff, like training to save lives. It is also possible to jump forward and backward in the patient’s progression from the moment the injury happens, to long term changes, in just seconds. Allowing existing training suites to make the most of what they already have, this technology can also be used with a TOMManikin, giving the trainees even more sensory cues for training.

Saving lives is serious business. Unveil upgrades any training system using some of the coolest technology we’ve seen.

Kasi DetmerMixed Reality is Helping Medical Trainees and We Got to Build the Site