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Digital Marketing Myths: It’s All About the Metrics

Myth Busted: Digital Marketing Is Only About Numbers When it comes to digital marketing myths, it used to be “all about the...

Google Ads Experts? 15 Years Makes us Old

Today I realized that we started doing Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) 15 years ago! We’re either Google Ads experts, or we’re...

Pi Day 3.14 – Here’s Pi to 1 Million

It’s Pi Day, better known as March 14th – 3.14 (3.1415926535897932384). Recently my son asked me, “what is Pi?” That question took...

Stevie Wonder Wednesday at Pixaura

Bring some love, smiles, and grooves into your life today. The music of Stevie Wonder is filling our workspace with positive energy...

Credit Card Processing | Security | Best Rates

Determining the best ways to accept payments online can be a challenge. And as a business owner, we know you’re concerned about...

Four Reasons Your Brand Needs a Facebook Group

Posts from your favorite Facebook business pages are dwindling on your newsfeed. It has left you wondering, is anyone seeing my business...

Procter & Gamble – Making a Corporate Site

We helped create the Procter & Gamble annual report, and we feel very fortunate to be involved with this project. This was...

Instagram Challenges & How to Conquer Them

Businesses seem to be baffled when it comes to Instagram. Many don’t utilize it, or brands make the attempt only to fizzle...

Facebook Reviews Have Changed

Facebook ratings and reviews have changed, and now it’s easier to find great businesses with recommendations. According to Facebook, 1 in 3...
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