Online Credit Card Processing – Secure & Best Rates

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Pixaura has partnered with Infintech to provide our customers with the best possible online credit card payment processing rates for their E-Commerce Store or Online Payment System.

Partnering with Infintech will allow our clients to easily accept credit cards in their online store. Infintech will handle all the leg work to keep your payment processing setup correctly connecting your website to your bank account.

Infintech counsels participating merchants on best practices so they can efficiently process credit cards at a fraction of their current cost.

  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • Level 3 and Large Ticket Corporate Card Processing
  • Next-Day Funding*
  • Seamless Software Integration
  • Lower Rates, Consolidated Billing with Amex OptBlue
  • PCI Validation Programs
  • EMV Equipment

A Smarter Way to Process Payments

James O'LoughlinOnline Credit Card Processing – Secure & Best Rates