James O'Loughlin James O’Loughlin has a strong digital analytic foundation, formed 30+ years ago in the days of Commodore 64, Amiga, and the first Apple Macintoshes. He built his first website 25 years ago and his own CMS using Java WebObjects. Also, he was an early adopter of cryptocurrencies. Fun fact, James paid off his house with crypto currency profits.

At every step, and still today, James lives on the cutting-edge of what’s next on the internet. After 20 years in the field, James created Pixaura with a focus on strategy and helping clients reach their full potential.

James likes to ride and race bikes with his friends. According to urban legend, he does some of his best *thinking* riding his bike. Additionally, he is the president of Team Hungry Cycling. 

James also teaches Web Design UI/UX at University of Cincinnati’s Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP.)

James O'LoughlinJames O’Loughlin | Co-Founder & CEO