Steve is a Cincinnati guy through and through. Just a few years after arriving in 1855 to Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Steve’s German great-great grandfather was married in St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church before they had built their current beautiful cathedral.
Steve spent most of his youth playing sports and skateboarding on every concrete surface and parking lot across the city. He claims he needed to wise up after “attending” three different high schools 🙂
He shipped out to Army basic training 10 days after getting his high school diploma and then came back to Cincinnati to attend The University of Cincinnati Business School and followed that up with his MBA from Xavier University. He says he gets all tied up in knots when the local “Crosstown Shootout” basketball game happens between UC and XU!
Somewhere in between UC and XU, he entered Chase Law School because he thought that sounded like fun?! He then decided that Intellectual Property Law just wasn’t that exciting for his personality.
Steve loves to travel and feels very fortunate to have had the chance to work and visit Europe several times as well as Japan and South Korea. He enjoys bringing his kids on these trips and looks forward to one day visiting India, Australia, and the Middle East.
In his spare time, you can find Steve trying to keep up with his teenage son, mountain biking or refereeing soccer, or with a book in his hand. He loves to stay current on all aspects of science and technology, but especially brain science, genetics, A.I., and robotics.
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