Over the Rhine Wednesday at Pixaura

Over The Rhine music

It’s Over the Rhine Wednesday! Previously, we brought you Willie Nelson Wednesday and Stevie Wonder Wednesday, but we kind of stalled out. Well, our weekly musical tributes are coming back!

Over the Rhine is a local Cincinnati group that’s been making music for over 30 years. Our very own Kristina Darling considers them her all-time favorite and has seen them live around FORTY times. Their annual Christmas shows are legendary! Get up to speed on their hits with this Spotify playlist.

Over the Rhine – “Ohio”

Over-The-Rhine Neighborhood

Fun fact – they share their name with the area of Cincinnati where you can find our office! This booming neighborhood is home to many of Cincinnati’s best restaurants, bars, agencies, and retail. We love being here! (Although we’ve probably added a few pounds from all this great food.)

Our favorite spots:

Eats & Drinks


We’re hoping you swing by and check out this up-and-coming Cincy neighborhood. Take a walk through Washington Park and admire the gorgeous architecture of Cincinnati Music Hall.

And when things get back to normal after this crisis, feel free to swing by our Spaces office and say hello – it’s Over the Rhine Wednesday today, but who knows what music we’ll be listening to next week.

Probably Phish if Zack has anything to do with it . . .