Page Builders Suck

Cartoon depiction of website builder

There are about 2 billion websites on the internet! With so many existing sites, and new ones popping up every day, it may seem impossible to create something unique that grabs attention.

Many people are going about it the wrong way, using page builders for cheap and easy website design instead of hiring a pro. Is that really the best option?

They’re Too Limited for Big Ideas

When you see advertisements for a page builder, the marketing always makes it look limitless.

“Look at all these unique websites people have created with one simple tool! Look how easy it is to create a completely custom website!”

In reality, page builders have their fair share of limitations.

If you’re only interested in basic no-frills website design, with nothing special, unique, or innovative, you may be fine sticking with a page builder. Your website will look similar to most websites out there, but there’s no doubt that it will function and look neat and clean.

However, do you want that for your company website? For a personal site, sure, but a business website needs to be memorable. Your website is a critical extension of your brand.

Yes, there are customization options on page builders — but they’re the same ones everyone else is using. While it’s possible to create a unique and interesting website within those limitations, it is far more difficult and time-consuming than starting from scratch, unless you’re already a savvy designer.

In short, the page builder could be holding you back and restricting your website’s potential.

They’re Inconsistent

“Well okay,” you’re thinking, “but at least the page builders will create reliable websites that are easy to use and maintain, right?”

At one time, that may have been true. While in their simplest form, page builders can create hands-free websites, the same can’t be said for websites with many functional pages and mechanisms.

Page builders are simple. They don’t handle complexity well, and that means that you may end up with inconsistent code and other functionality issues.

This can cause your website to perform poorly. It can also cause problems with search engine optimization, hurting your website’s visibility and organic traffic. What good is a website if it’s actively inhibiting your growth?

When you work with a pro, you have a far lower chance of inconsistencies. If problems do arise, you’ll have someone available to fix them right away.

They’ll Bloat Your Website

Despite their simplicity, page builders have a habit of bloating websites with excess code. This can create functionality problems and slow down your site.

That might not seem like a huge problem, but site speed is critical. Did you know that many users are unwilling to wait more than five seconds for a website to load? If you’re up against a world of insta-loading websites and short attention spans, you only have a few seconds to hook potential customers.

Slow load times are more acceptable when something impressive is slowing down the site, but this won’t the case with a page builder’s cookie-cutter website design. The bloat simply isn’t worth the potential lead losses.

Professionally-made websites will be faster, less bloated, and again, if there are problems with speed, a professional can make quick work of them (pun intended).

They’re More Expensive Than You Think

You may be thinking that despite their faults, page builders are still worthwhile because they’re so cheap — and in some cases, even free.

This is true on some level, but for the best page builders, you still have to pay.

Yes, some websites are free as long as you buy your own domain (which, of course, costs money). Some websites are free without a domain, but your URL will look unprofessional and you won’t have as many options as you would with a paid page builder.

Often, page builders hide their true costs behind subscriptions to appear cheaper. If you add up the money you’d spend every month on the highest-quality page builder you could find, would it be much more affordable than just hiring a pro?

They Come with Compatibility Challenges

So you’ve found the perfect page theme or plugin, and you’re ready to use it on your website. When you try, however, it doesn’t work at all, or it completely breaks the page.

Page builders often come with compatibility problems, limiting your options. While it may appear that you have countless themes and plugins available to make your website truly unique, the reality may be that only a fraction of those will work for your site.

It’s Time to Move Past Page Builders

Let’s face it — page builders suck. They look cheap and convenient on the surface, but at the end of the day, if you want a unique website to represent your brand, you can’t cut corners. A page builder may be an okay starting point, but it will hold your brand back.

If you want a professional website, you need a professional web development team. That’s why we’re here!

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