Pixaura + P&G: STANDOUT Virtual Campus

P&G Standout + Pixaura

P&G STANDOUT / Emerging Leaders Camp is a program that invites the brightest college students from around the nation to participate in a 1 week program. Thousands of students apply, and only 200 are selected to come to Cincinnati and learn more about P&G and their specific Function (a P&G business term defining department). At the end of the week, the departments interview the Standout Students and select some for internships at P&G.

The Challenge

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, P&G could not host this year’s camp as planned. They needed a way to communicate with the students virtually. So P&G asked AGAR to create a virtual version of the event. AGAR then selected Pixaura to design and develop the website that would be the central hub for all communication.

It always seems impossible until it is done.
Monica Turner, the leader of P&G Sales, quoting Nelson Mandela.

The Solution

Within a short, 6-week window, AGAR and Pixaura created a truly interactive site that had the following features and Functions:

  • HomePage – Immersive 3D space where students selected the following sections of the site. Pixaura worked with CLMotion to create the 3D experience.
  • Connect – In this section, the students shared their picture, email, phone, and social media links. The students could also chat with other students within the program.
  • Notifications – P&G could notify the students of upcoming events and other pertinent information
  • Chat – P&G and AGAR answered all student questions
  • Interview – This section included a helpful ‘tips’ video and told the student the day/time of their interview
  • Citizenship – This section explained P&G’s 5 pillars of Citizenship: Community Impact, Corporate Ethics and Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, and Gender Equality.
  • Tours – This section shared video tours of the potential locations that students might intern: Cincinnati Global HQ, Charlotte, Chicago, Nashville, Orlando, Fayetteville, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Boise
  • Smale – An interactive VR space with videos from David Taylor and other P&G leaders
  • End to End – Interactive VR space with information about P&G and the departments: Beauty, Grooming, Health Care, Family Care, Global Business Services.
  • Homebase – Another VR experience with a photobooth, videos, and audio
P&G Standout

“We’re taking what we’ve learned about working virtually during Covid to get super-creative in recruiting students for our summer intern class of 2021,” P&G spokeswoman Beth Pohlmeyer told me. “The result is a highly interactive and visual online program. … The experience is pretty amazing.”

Pixaura + P&G

We value our relationship with P&G, having worked on their Annual Report previously. It’s an honor to have been involved in such an exciting project. The virtual campus was a hit with the Standout students!

I am so thankful for this experience and to have been able to connect with so many inspiring leaders, as well as my fellow HR peers. I also just wanted to point out HOW COOL P&G MADE THE STANDOUT WEBSITE! With this workshop being moved online unexpectedly, I am so surprised with how P&G has brought us all together even in unprecedented times!
Sofia Ramirez

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