Pixie-Aura Dust and a Career Fair

marketing career fair

Spreading Digital Marketing Skills and Inspiration

We’re not just guiding your business’s digital success. We’re also inspiring the next generation of developers and digital marketers. Kristina Darling, our own Director of Brand Strategy, spent her Friday afternoon talking to the fifth graders of Whitaker Elementary School. During their annual career fair, Kristina spread some “Pixie-aura” dust and spoke about her experience in the world of digital marketing.

Kristina doled out inspiration, displaying the uniform of a digital marketer (athleisure wear for most of us, but much more stylish duds for this in-house marketing fashionista.) Adhering to the schools mission, “to foster academic and social growth for each student in a safe & supportive school environment,” Kristina answered any and all questions related to digital strategy. This was her third year participating at the school’s career fair. (And she’s already said she’ll go back next year!)

“I love seeing that spark when I expose students to a career they have never even heard of. Honestly, I truly love what I do and I love being able to pass some of that passion on to the community’s youth. And they had some many questions – I was really excited! I wasn’t sure if they’d think it was cool just because I do! Ha! The business world continues to move into the digital landscape, and these types of careers can really be important. For me, I thought it was a great opportunity share that.”

Pixaura shares Kristina’s passion for our work. And we think she’s super rad for sharing that knowledge with Cincinnati Youth. Above all, creating successful digital strategies while having fun doing it, is what we’re about. We hope that was passed on to the fifth graders at Whitaker Elementary.