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Why Is No One Coming to my Website?

You went with the template over the professionally designed website. You’ve created your mind-blowing website. It’s beautiful. It’s telling your brand’s story perfectly. You did it for free on Squarespace. No one is coming.

When it comes to websites, free isn’t always better. In fact, it’s never better.

Your website may be head-turning in the looks department, but if no one sees it then does it even matter? Here are a few things professional website designers can help with that free website hosting sites lack.

Four Reasons to Use a Professional Website Developer


Google crawls websites to see what they’re all about and give users the most relevant results. Schema explains, in code, to Google what each section of your site is about. By providing explicit clues in the coding, you make this easy for Google — upping your chances of being ranked higher in the search results. The right pro is knowledgeable in structured data guidelines, knowing what is required and/or recommended for structured data and Google. Wix isn’t going to have your back on this.

Responsive design

This means that your web pages look fabulous on whatever device the consumer is using. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or phone, it needs to be functional on all of them. Otherwise, the user will almost automatically head to your competitor’s site. Professional website design makes sure that isn’t happening, and that your website provide a high quality user experience (UX.)


Your code needs to be written the right way for search engines to collect the data they need quickly and easily. This is important for ranking higher on the results pages. Only a website developer will have full control over this, giving your website and business the best shot at landing on the top SERPs (search engine result pages). 

Cool stuff you can’t do on your own

Don’t be limited by a mass-produced template. By building a website with functionality tailored for your business, a website developer helps with usability, ease of navigation, and just cool extras you can’t do any other way. If users are able to navigate your e-commerce website or online store easily, they are more likely to purchase your product or services. Also, a professional can create whatever you want for your website. But the code is the limit when it comes to features. With a professional, you won’t be hindered by your template. 

Free always seems like a good idea until taking a closer look. You’re spending time, money, blood, sweat and tears on your business, don’t skimp when it comes to your website and use a free host. There’s a reason it’s free.