Programmatic Advertising: Reach More Customers for Less

woman browsing web and viewing programmatic advertising on tablet

As a company who uses online advertising you know that the goal is to reach as many customers as possible. If the opportunity were presented for you to reach more customers for a lower cost… you would take it, right? Well, you’re in luck.

With the use of programmatic advertising through Pixaura, the opportunity is at your fingertips. Here, we’ll discuss how your company can reach more customers, while targeting effectively – and at a lower cost than traditional ad buying. 

How can programmatic advertising help you?

Pixaura is a digital marketing agency that has helped both small businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies, to reach more customers. With omnichannel capabilities we can support programmatic advertising for your company on multiple devices, including mobile, desktop, connected TV, audio, and much more.

Pixaura partners with the largest publishers and top rated DSPs in the industry to leverage audiences with high data transparency. We are able to offer B2B targeting to reach industry decision makers. Medical clients can reach patients that fit their profile based on forum visits, directories, and browser history. B2C clients are able to utilize an omnichannel programmatic solution to reach virtually any audience in any location.

Being in control of a marketing budget can be taxing. Hiring new marketers can take time and require extreme vetting. Let Pixaura be your outsourced marketing TEAM. You’ll never have to fire us. We work completely month to month. Our adops team is rated #1 on G2, and our Media Buying team will work with you to perfect your strategy so that ROI is clear and viewable in real time.

Reach more customers and save money.

With Pixaura you are not only signing your company up to reach more customers and place higher in search engines. You are, as they like to say, finding your tribe. We deliver the personal relationship that is necessary to reach maximum results, while helping your budget go further, and with Pixaura’s performance tracking you can easily watch your business blossom. 

We work hard to lower eCPM bids so that you get the most impressions possible from your media buy. At the end of the day, you have a managed DSP and hundreds of thousands of audiences, titles, and data points at your fingertips…without the high costs of larger agencies. 

Digital marketing backed by data and results.

We provide all programmatic clients with real time data dashboard so that the data tells the story. No guesswork needed. See your cost per acquisition and return on ad spend daily or by the minute. Our agency team will meet with you weekly to go over pivots, audience segmentation and spend to make sure your conversion rates are high, and awareness is through the roof.

Increase your customer reach and make better use of your hard-earned money. Programmatic advertising displays on many platforms with optimal placement for your ads. Reach out and grab this opportunity and watch your progress bloom like so many other satisfied customers.