Reviews WILL Help Your Business

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Reviews are an ever increasing important facet of your business in the modern digital age. It’s imperative that you gather reviews for your company. We can help!

These are the industries most reliant on online reviews

  • Hospitality
  • Doctors
  • Contractors
    • Construction 
    • Other industries
  • Restaurants 
  • Ecommerce 
  • B2B
  • Car dealerships
  • Luxury purchases
  • Health/Safety related items

These are some statistics from various reports about online reviews

  • VisionCritical estimates the overall impact of bad customer experiences in the United States is more than $537 billion.
  • 51% of customers switched businesses because of bad service, 81% of customers said their switch could of been prevented’
  • 93% of customers read online reviews
  • 80% won’t buy from companies with bad reviews
  • 72% of people trust online reviews equally to personal recommendations 
  • 68% of customers go to social networking sites to read reviews
  • 90% of customers say they are influenced by positive online reviews
  • A study by Harvard Business School suggests restaurants could experience a 9% drop in annual revenue by losing just one star on Yelp.
  • 86% of buyers will pay for a better customer service experience
  • When searching for information 64% of consumers trust search engine results
  • Google owns 74% of the worlds search engine traffic 
  • 97% of consumers read online reviews to find local businesses 
  • 74% of consumers have a greater trust in a company if they read positive online reviews
  • 60% said negative reviews made them not want to use a business 
  • 69% of job seekers are likely to reject employment from a company with a bad reputation
  • 87% of customers comparison shop
  • Online reputation becomes more important with more risky and expensive purchases
  • The likelihood to purchase a product with 5 reviews is 270% higher than a product with no reviews
  • Products with a review between 4.2-4.7 stars do better than all 5 star reviews (authenticity) from spiegel
  • First 10 reviews are most important
  • Reviews from verified buyers have a greater influence on sales 
  • Hotels
    • 53% won’t book a hotel with no reviews
    • 77% think other online reviews are very important 
    • 97% of consumers read other travellers online reviews
    • Poor reputations lower room rates
  • Reviews are important for products that may
    • Impact health and safety
    • Products that reflect personal identity
    • Whether the product is recurring or a habitual purpose 
    • Whether it is recently introduced or a product brand

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