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Think With Google continues to push the boundaries of analytics. In May 2020, they rolled out a new feature – Rising Retail Categories. The data available through this tool has a wealth of possibilities, and has never been released by Google before.

Consumer Behavior

Would your benefit business from knowing what consumers are searching for? Particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, when discretionary spending is lower in nearly every retail segment? Consumer behavior tends to shift quickly, but the pandemic has introduced a heightened level of unpredictability. Google’s Rising Retail Categories intends to be a solution by highlighting:

  • retail categories that are growing
  • where the growth is occurring
  • the search queries associated with these categories

Google displays growth for the latest week, month and year, and the data is updated daily. This frequency of updates is critical, as product search is dynamic and evolves rapidly.

Holiday Shopping

As we head into the winter months, it’s easy to picture Black Friday, crowded malls and presents under the tree. But it’s 2020! Like almost everything, holiday shopping will be very different. Retailers rely heavily on the holiday season, even in a normal year. In a pandemic, success may hinge upon your ability to respond quickly to changing trends.

Early research suggests that shoppers will do more online purchasing this year. When they do visit a store, they’ll probably have a planned shopping list. But if these forecasts are inaccurate? Have contingency plans in place if the winds change.

Shoppers have been moving online for some time. But if things move further digital, as we suspect, the data available through tools like Rising Retail Categories could prove to be invaluable.

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