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Facebook and Instagram Ads PPC ROI Calculator

Question: What’s my ROI (Return on Investment) for a Facebook or Instagram PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign? How many customers, leads, or sales will I get with a Facebook or Instagram PPC Campaign?
Answer: Pixaura created this tool based on Facebook Industry Benchmarks to provide you with an estimate. Keep in mind these are industry benchmarks and many factors affect the actual conversion rate of turning visitors into leads/sales.

Potential 12 Month PPC Estimates

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Monthly PPC Ad Estimates

These values are set on your selected industry benchmark

Monthly Ad Budget
Daily Ad Spend
CPC (Cost Per Click)
CTR (Click Through Rate)
Website Visits/Interactions
CVR (Conversions Rate)
CPL (Cost Per Lead)
Leads/Sales Value
Potential ROI

[1]Industry Benchmarks

These are preliminary estimates and are for illustration purposes only. We can’t guarantee that these numbers will be achieved. Your numbers might be much better or worse depending on many factors.
More research will be required as well as running actual campaigns to check actual numbers. Running the campaigns is the only way to provide real numbers.
We can not guarantee leads or sales. We can guarantee new visitors to your site that will evaluate your product/service and make the decision to buy or contact you.
Please keep in mind that landing page experience is important in the effectiveness of your PPC ads. Poor page experience = poor performing ads.
The landing page must specifically address and solve the question that the client is asking. This is called Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO
So if you have a developer working on your site, we would also recommend asking him/her to improve your landing page. It is important.
If you don’t have a developer on hand, Pixaura can help optimize your landing page for conversions.

Pay Per Click Definitions

PPC – Pay Per Click. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
CPC – Cost Per Click. The amount you pay when someone clicks on your ad.
Impressions – The number of people that will see your ad.
CTR – Click Through Rate. The percent of people seeing your ad that will click through to your content.
Website Visits and Interactions – The number of people that clicked on your ad, liked it, or went to your website.
CVR – Conversion Rate – The rate of visitors that convert into actual sales or leads.
Leads/Sales/Inquiries – The number of sales, leads, or inquiries can you expect
CPL – Cost Per Lead – How much did each sales, lead, or inquiry cost per
Lead/Sales Value – Your estimated value for each lead or sale
Potential ROI – Return on Ad Spend – Your Budget / CPL * Lead or Sales Value