Improving SEO Score and Site Speed

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A solid strategy for moving your company higher in search results is by improving your SEO score and site speed.

In terms of ranking, Google will use Lighthouse.

In terms of UX, Google Analytics should be considered.

They both play an important role in ranking in different ways and are influenced by different factors. I would say that UX is the greater factor between the two, as Google focuses on providing the greatest user experience per query.

Lighthouse is also easier to manipulate as all of the pings come out of a single server and predictable location. As a result, this makes it far easier to optimize. UX is a globally encompassing aspect, as users can access your site from on-page links, SERP’s, videos, and direct URL searches. Therefore, the traffic acquisition within UX is far broader, and more difficult to manipulate, producing a far more reflective load time.

Having a poor UX load time will also be far more impactful for ranking than a poor Lighthouse load time.

5 ways to Improve your SEO Score

  • Publish quality content that is relevant
  • Publish quality content on a regular basis
  • Give attention to the metadata on your page, i.e., headings, descriptions, keywords
  • Use descriptive links on your page, and ensure you are linking to both internal and external pages
  • Describe your visual and video media with alt tags to ensure search engines can find them

Improving your SEO score is a long game, but it’s worth the effort. Being found by searchers is the goal, and SEO is the method. Need help getting started? Pixaura’s experts will build your customized SEO strategy.

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5 Ways to Improve your Site Speed

  • Enable compression for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files
  • Reduce page redirects
  • Leverage browser caching to reduce loading time
  • Ensure your server has adequate memory and fast query response
  • Optimize images – use the correct file type and compress their size.

Pixaura works with our clients to build and maintain their websites. Our experts ensure your site loads quickly, and with quality content. Need help building or improving your website? Drop us a line.

James O'LoughlinImproving SEO Score and Site Speed

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