Brand Strategy

You have seconds to capture their attention. Let Pixaura help you identify your Pixie dust and what makes your brand special.


In this way, we develop for you and with you – a brand that people can relate to. Every member of the team at Pixaura is a verified human being. With all of our expertise and peculiarities, we are people. So, too, are your customers. So, let’s talk to them the way we all speak to each other.

Brand Components


Consider how your brand’s core mission aligns with your customers’ needs and aspirations and communicate your brand’s purpose accordingly.


Think of ways that your brand aligns with your customers’ values. What’s important to them, and how do those things guide your brand’s behavior?


Your brand’s voice is its overall personality, style, and character, which needs to be consistent.


Ensure consistent design across all brand visuals so everything looks cohesive. This helps you craft a visual identity, much like how your brand’s voice and tone infuse personality into your written content.


Your brand’s story should express what makes it unlike any other.

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Brand Audit & Social Listening

Our Brand Audit team will work with you to deliver an insights report for your company based on these findings at scale:

  • Conversation
  • Mentions
  • Engagements
  • Sentiment
  • Source Distribution
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Share of Voice

These reports can be delivered on a monthly or quarterly cadence and provide insights beyond top-level analytics.

What is the market saying about your brand and where?

What are they saying about your competitors? 

How and where can you enter into this conversation to create a dialogue between your brand and the market?

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