Coronavirus – Your Online Business Strategy Survival Guide

This is uncharted territory for so many of us. At Pixaura, we believe taking your business online could help you survive this crisis, and we are here to help.

First, if you’re struggling financially, the SBA is here to help. Trillions will be put into the economy through low-interest loans for small businesses and nonprofits that have been impacted.

Your COVID-19 Company Policy

Share your safety policy with your customers and employees. Emphasize that safety is your number 1 priority. Pixaura has provided a letter template you can use to communicate how you’re handling the crisis. Consider setting an email auto-reply with answers to frequently asked questions. 

Sample COVID-19 Policies

We have created a recommended website and social media help document. 

Take Your Business Online to Survive COVID-19

The services we offer are digital by nature – we build websites and increase brand exposure. This crisis is sending even more business online. We’re adding some new services to our lineup to help businesses adapt to the changing market landscape.

Services and Ideas for Customers during COVID-19:

  • Use the web to communicate to clients
  • Social Media Ads with COVID-19 specials
  • Online Learning
  • Web Conferencing
  • Using Slack (or similar apps)
  • E-commerce
  • Email campaigns
  • Enable Chat
  • Coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • Delayed Payments

Services and Ideas for You and Your Employees

We often work remotely, but many businesses are in unfamiliar territory. We are happy to help get your business set up and teach the skills that allow us to utilize these virtual tools. Some examples of what we can provide for your company include:

James O'LoughlinCOVID-19 – Online Strategies for Your Business