Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is at the core of our online success. We understand your consumer, analyze your competitors and amplify your own strengths.

Brand Discovery

Developing a successful digital strategy starts with getting to know you. Our discovery meetings allow us to fully understand your brand. If you do not have a marketing team, we become your marketing team. If you have a marketing team, we become a digital extension. We get to know your products, your voice, and your mission, expanding your success wherever we’re needed.


Identify Objectives

First, define your business goals.

Every company’s goal is to be profitable. We will dig deeper to define your digital marketing goals. Maybe you want to increase online sales by 25%, aim for 100 social media shares, or increase your email subscription list by 500. Once you define your goals, prioritize them and take your top three. Now, ingrain them in your head because these goals will be the guide of your digital strategy.


Define Channels

Omni-channel marketing may seem like the way to go, but the reality is that there are few businesses that actually need to use every digital marketing channel. If your business caters to adults that are over the age of 50, Snapchat doesn’t belong in your digital plans.

We define your key channels and trim the fat. Pixaura will reach your target audience more efficiently and cut unnecessary spending.


Develop A  Content Strategy

According to Business2Community, brands now spend 25-43% of their marketing budget on content. Email marketing, blogs, visual content, social media posts, content is what the internet is built with and it should be the driving force of your digital strategy.

We pinpoint your audience’s wants and needs. Notice the same FAQs coming from your customers? We develop an email drip campaign that educates. Figured out that email isn’t the best channel for your target audience? We utilize other avenues like social or a business blog. Pixaura will create engaging content within the avenues handpicked for your brand. People share what they find interesting and the more they share, the closer you are to your digital goals.


Create A Calendar

Once we’ve honed in on the type of content that will work for your brand, it’s time to create a timeline.

Juggling multiple content channels means this timeline acts as the lifeline of your digital strategy. We include details like content formats, deadlines, benchmarks, deliverables, and channels in your calendar. But don’t worry, we’ll do the juggling for you.

Keeping everything in one place helps simplify the process as your online presence explodes and your workload increases.


Execute – Put Everything in Motion

The planning is done, and it’s time to put everything into motion.

As the digital marketing super team we’ve become up to this point, both Pixaura and the client will take a step back and take a look at the strategy we’ve created with a realistic mindset. We work with you to make sure you have enough resources, money and time to properly execute the items in your dream digital strategy. If you think you’re not fully equipped at the time, it’s perfectly fine to trim your list down a bit. Our goal is your success. If you feel you’re all set, let the fun begin.


Monitor, Measure, & Revise

All systems are go. The last step is monitoring and measuring the results of your digital strategy. We monitor each platform’s analytics, making tweaks to ensure home run results.

This is also the time when we work with you to check and balance those goals created in step #1 (identify objectives) and help you determine what was successful and what wasn’t. Successful digital transformation requires staying fluid to stay successful. As your business gains success and matures, so does your marketing plan.

And there you have it, 7 simple steps to build your digital strategy!


Intelligent Strategy + Execution = Success!

Step 1 - Discovery

Discover your brand guidelines, voice, value proposition, reason to believe, differentiators, etc…

IDENTIFY your customers and create target personas

Step 2 - Execute

Our team will develop a comprehensive strategy from our kick-off meeting, digital landscape audit, and research. We’ll build campaigns and determine the best channels for delivery.

MEASURE RESULTS — analyze the data and refine the plans, campaigns, and budgets.