Should You Use ChatGPT?

Robot writing, ChatGPT concept

Although just recently released, ChatGPT may be growing faster than any other website or app in history. Believe it or not, this incredible technology already has over 100 million active users.

That’s unprecedented growth — so there has to be some benefit to using ChatGPT, right? Let’s find out!

How ChatGPT Works

ChatGPT is a popular app created by OpenAI. It uses artificial intelligence built around the GPT language models, allowing it to answer questions, draft emails, write copy, carry a conversation, and so much more.

For more niche examples, it can even explain code in different programming languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.), or the opposite (language to code). All of these functions are based solely on the language you feed into it and the vast information available to it across the web.

For example, if you say: “tell me about the Vanderbilt family history”, it can do just that. It will then pull information from various sources on the Vanderbilt family and give you a detailed compilation of the information it uncovers.

At least, the app tries to carry out these functions accurately, but this doesn’t always work in effect. So, is it actually useful for everyday life?

Most Useful Applications For ChatGPT

ChatGPT has plenty of applications that nearly anyone can use. Here are a few examples that may apply to you.

Write a Cover Letter

Do we suggest relying entirely on AI to write your cover letters for jobs you want? No.

Do we suggest using it as a starting point when writing cover letters for jobs you want? Absolutely.

ChatGPT can help you begin a cover letter following the desired outline, highlighting the strengths you offer, and using a professional tone. From there, you can edit and improve upon its creation.

Cover letters are daunting for many job applicants, but there’s one challenge you may not realize: AI is already reading it first! If your cover letter and resume don’t highlight the qualifications the AI was programmed to see, then a human may never see your application.

Create Web Content

ChatGPT and similar chatbots are revolutionizing the copy and content we are seeing on websites today. Some experts suggest that 90% of web content will be AI-generated by 2025 — a staggering change.

No matter what anyone tells you, don’t think that it is enough to get past Google or your users, both of whom are becoming better at spotting AI content.

However, AI can be a great starting point to expand upon. ChatGPT can give you plenty of great information when searching for new content to add to your website or blog.

Still, you will need to correct this content, give it voice, and make it fit your brand. Otherwise, you’re limiting your SEO strategy from the start.

Generate Brand and Product Names

Have you ever had that problem where you can point out an existing brand name and think of a better one for it, but when it’s time to come up with your own, you go blank? Us too.

Well, if you want to generate new ideas or concepts for your brand items, company, band, or whatever else you want, ask ChatGPT to give you some inspiration.

Remember, it’s a free tool and there are currently no intellectual property rights over what it generates. Steal away!

Draft Marketing Copy

Ads, emails, social media posts, and blog content. No matter what you’re looking for, tell ChatGPT and get some quality material to begin your campaign.

Again, it’s a tool, not a finished product. However, ChatGPT and other chatbots can work as a great starting point. You’ll need to ensure it fits your brand strategy, but it’s a great launching pad.

Should You Try ChatGPT?

Knowing how ChatGPT works and some of its practical applications, should you consider using ChatGPT? Absolutely. Almost everyone can benefit from it in some way, whether you’re a business owner, a student, a job hunter, and more.

However, keep in mind there are aspects of being human that machines can’t imitate. Therefore, it’s important to remember that it’s a tool to help you reach your goals, not a skip button.

Stay up to date with our latest tips, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for help with your marketing strategy!