Stevie Wonder Wednesday

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Bring some love, smiles, and pocket grooves into your life… Stevie Wonder music is filling the office with positive energy this pre-spring morning. Our OTR office is eagerly awaiting spring and we’ll be hitting high 60 degree temps today.

We have officially put Stevie Wonder Wednesday on our calendar, you should too.

Stevie is an early adopter of technology in his music (just like Pixaura is an early adopter of technology and the internets). Stevie and others like the Beatles brought the Moog synthesizer into pop-music.

“Really, it’s a wonder how anyone can tell Stevie and Pixaura apart.” -Zach

Stevie Wonder – Superstition Live 1974

Take notice of the Pixaura Pixels surrounding this video.

“This song has tested positive for excessive levels of funk” – Ricky El Diablo, we agree! 🙂

James O'LoughlinStevie Wonder Wednesday