Katie Frothingham | Business Development


Katie Frothingham is a digital strategy, development, and marketing expert with a decade of experience catering to the agency and Fortune 1000 Brand world. She has led multiple sales teams from inception to acquisition. Katie grew up in the Metro-Boston area. She received advanced degrees from Suffolk University and studied abroad in Prague and London. She prides herself on being a true data-dork and understanding attribution models in order to best serve her patron’s needs.

Above all, Katie’s goal is to provide her clients with clear ROI and build relationships based on trust. Katie has also led teams of marketers. She understands the importance of every advertising and development dollar spent. With Katie, there’s no theater – only the desire to understand your business and help grow your bottom line.
As a child, Katie was a competitive swimmer, and today you’ll find her training at the gym or in the pool in her free time. Her favorite holiday is Halloween. She’s an animal lover, a history buff, and is full of random music knowledge from the 1980s.